Mirage theorycraft thread

Mirage theorycraft thread

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Posted by: Abelisk.4527


Now that GW2Skills.net has updated to include the elite specs, post your Mirage PvX theorycrafts here!

This is mine (only tested in PvE, but intended for PvP/WvW):


I took Domination for signets, weakness, and a ton of vulnerability spam, allowing me to get creative with my sigil choices (compared to relying on Sigil of Fallibility). Confounding Suggestions might end up being better though instead of Rending, but we’ll see.

Dueling helps upkeep blind very often, while being able to dish out a lot of confusion stacks. It’s evident that we won’t be able to generate a ton of clones like Chrono, so Illusionary Retribution and Maim the Disillusioned won’t be as potent with Mirage.

For Mirage, I went semi-defensive and offensive. You will be able to hit more w/ Axe, meaning more mind games (8 sec CD on retargetting skill), and have 40% condi reduction for nasty conditions (bleed, burn, confusion, torment) though it would be nice if that was condi dmg reduction instead. Finally we have an on-demand stun break via Mirage Cloak as well as supplemental condition clear.


• sword for mobility via ambush, defense; pistol for offense and CC
• axe for offense, retargetting; torch for defense and offense


• SotE for phantasm regen, signet synergy
• Signet of Midnight for blind/conf, stealth, stunbreak, signet synergy
• Signet of Illusions for more blind/conf, extra Distortion, Domination synergy, extra vigor proc for more condi dmg uptime, signet synergy
• Illusionary Ambush for mind games, universal illusions gap closer, mirage cloak synergy (regen+superspeed), can be replaced by Blink for more mobility but at the cost of less offense, or Portal for teamplay
• Jaunt for a bit more mobility, kiting, condition clearing, condition spiking, juking

Your job is to +1 and teamfight. Slower than a Thief but has more group damage. Vuln spam makes targets easier to kill, condi spam is an added bonus. It’s like a mix of Warrior, Rev, and Thief (and I guess Mes). If you want less damage then take Carrion, at the cost of hybrid power pressure.

Because you’re missing blocks (which Chrono has a ton of), you must rely on retargets, damage evasion by kiting, and mind games. You really need to get used to the sword ambush as well, since you should use it to kite, not as a gap closer. Rely on Illusionary Ambush for gap closing, as well as Axe 3. You can play defensively or offensively, or of course depending on what is going on.

Mirage theorycraft thread

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Posted by: OriOri.8724


Don’t have time right now, but for kittening around in open world PvE, chaos/illusions and mirage should be funnish.

Mirage theorycraft thread

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Posted by: InsaneQR.7412


I try duelling, chaos and mirage. More aether fields for whirl finishers and more boons.
I tried it on the stresstest with rabid gear. Had a blast with it.

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Mirage theorycraft thread

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Posted by: zanny.9380


i built a condi heavy mirage that focused on mirrors and mirage cloak in general.


it focuses heavily on mirrors and vulnerability. haven’t decided if i want to trade a line for illusions. will continue to mess around with it to see if there is something i can trade.