Necromancer WvW/SPvP Build - Meta

Necromancer WvW/SPvP Build - Meta

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Posted by: Silas Drake.8946

Silas Drake.8946

Build I’m currently running, and having great success playing the game as a Meta necro

Build – Fastkicks aka foddermancer

Traits: 0/0/0/0/0 – Didn’t take any traits due to the randomized nerfing system. Also keeps the title as “OP”(also known as viable) from being spread all over.

Utilities: Signet of the Locust, Spectral Walk, Flesh Wurm. – Locust and Walk for that great running speed. Going to have have fast kicks if you think you’re gonna actually make it to that tower/keep door or legendary guards. Flesh wurm is for that pre arranged teleport back “see ya Noob” getaway.

Elite: Leopard form – whaaa!? You didn’t roll norn? Well get cracking son.

Weapon sets: Scepter/Warhorn Dagger/Focus – Alright, scepter #2 applies cripple. Warhorn #5 swiftness and PBAoE cripple, dagger #3 is a immob, focus #5 is a chill. You know the drill.

Now I’m available for questions about armor and playstyle with your brand new Fastkicks. Just remember that you’re probably still gonna get run down 99.9% of the time, and that prefectly normal, you are after all fodder.

P.S. sorry for the delays if you message me as ill be working on dusting off my mesmer and/or leveling my guardian. Also don’t mix iced tea and skittles y’all, stuffs bad for ya.

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Necromancer WvW/SPvP Build - Meta

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Posted by: Glenn.3417


Great build, def will be rolling this as of now.

Some minor suggestions:

Take Blood Fiend as a heal, so ppl can compain you 2vs1 them and overall imba heal.

Signet of Undead in stead of Spectral Walk, for those moments you want stand still for a whole 3 seconds to res someone in a very small aoe. So we can be team players as well.

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Necromancer WvW/SPvP Build - Meta

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Posted by: spoj.9672


I would suggest running this build naked to save repair costs.

Necromancer WvW/SPvP Build - Meta

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Posted by: Dhogoth.1856


Surely I’ll try this after todays patch!

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