Elite Speculation: The Summoner

Elite Speculation: The Summoner

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Posted by: Barry Moonfang.6897

Barry Moonfang.6897

Hello fellow rangers, today I finally decided to finish a long term project of mine, a speculation for a new Elite Specialization. With the announcement of the Soulbeast a.k.a. the petless ranger I present you, the Summoner, the full pet ranger.

In order to combat the dragon thread the races of Tyria have searched for methods to deal with the excess energies destabilizing Tyria that erupt on the death of an Elder Dragon. One such project was the Gelatinous Ley Energy Extraction Project, or G.L.E.E.P. for short (kudos to those who get that reference). While successful the G.L.E.E.P. was extremely dangerous taking the shape of the energies it absorbed and would properly do more harm than good unless trained by an expert ranger. Tame and channel the energies of powerful creatures into your new companion, while controlling it’s every move.

In this post I use some abbreviations for those of you who are unfamiliar with these this is what they mean:

  • AA = Auto Attack, the basic attack of you and your pet, has no Cool Down.
  • AT = Activation Time, the time it takes to activate a skill (not counting aftercast).
  • CD = Cool Down, the time it takes for a skill to recharge.

New weapon: Spear (land), Range: 900

1. Mighty Throw/Vicious Attack (AA)

Mighty Throw: Attack a foe at range, gaining might, gain more might the less health your target has.

Vicious Attack: Attack a close range foe dealing more damage the less health your target has.
Range threshold: 150

2. Spear of Fury – AT: 1/2s -CD: 5s
Throw a spear that grants you fury when it hits an enemy. Your pet next attack cripples them.

3. Spear of Redemption -CD: 15s
Block attacks, you and your pet lose one condition each time you block an attack.

4. Chained Throw -AT: 1/2s -CD:10s
Hurl a spear that tethers enemies struck and after a while immobilizes them.
Maximum Count: 2
Count Recharge: 10s

5. Unblockable Throw -AT: 1/2s-2s -CD: 25s
Charge a powerful throw with your spear that can’t be blocked
When fully charged knockdown your foe

New mechanic: G.L.E.E.P.
G.L.E.E.P. replaces the ranger’s pets, and swap pets becomes Rally G.L.E.E.P.
Rally G.L.E.E.P. revives G.L.E.E.P. and applies traited buffs from pet swapping.
Rally G.L.E.E.P. reverts a transformed G.L.E.E.P. into his original form.

G.L.E.E.P. skills:

1. Throw Glob (AA):
G.L.E.E.P. throws a glob of its highly volatile slime towards an opponent exploding on impact.

2. Symbiotic Bond -CD: 8s
The love G.L.E.E.P. has for its master makes it periodically granting a copy of its boons to its master.

3. Gelatinous Attraction -AT: 3/4s -CD: 15
G.L.E.E.P. tethers itself to an enemy, enemies that attack its master are pulled toward GLEEP and are taunted.

F2. Volatile Slingshot -AT: 1s -CD: 20s
G.L.E.E.P. launches itself towards a targeted location exploding and launching enemies in range. The explosion leaves behind volatile globs of ooze that heal allies and deal damage to enemies that walks over them.

Elite Speculation: The Summoner

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Posted by: Barry Moonfang.6897

Barry Moonfang.6897

New skills: Infusions
Infuse your G.L.E.E.P. with the energy of powerful creatures from the mists. Infusions Utility Skills replaces the currently equipped Utility Skills with Commands that activate from the location of your pet.
Healing: Soul Resonance -AT: 1s -CD: 20s
You and your pet attunes to one another healing, when your pet is down heal for less and revive your pet.
Utility: Infusion of Fangs -AT: 1s -CD: 10s
This infusion causes G.L.E.E.P. to transform in Fenrir, the leader of the Kveldulf’s. Fenrir deals a moderate amount of direct damage while hindering foes with different control abilities.

Gash (AA) -AT: 1/4s
Fenrir bites his foe dealing damage and crippling them for a short duration.

1. Vengeful Charge -AT: 3/4s -CD: 20s
Fenrir dashes through the mists appearing next to your opponent dealing damage and knocking them down.

2. Challenging Howl -AT: 1s -CD: 30s
Fenrir lets out a challenging howl taunting and dealing damage to all opponents.

3. Natural Temper -AT: 3/4s -CD: 30s
Fenrir builds stacks of Blood Lust when attacking increasing his attack speed. When activated he howls and grants superspeed and quickness to nearby allies for each stack of Blood Lust.

Utility: Infusion of Wings -AT: 1s -CD: 10s
This infusion causes your G.L.E.E.P. to transform in Fenghuang, the Rainbow Phoenix. Fenghuang supports his allies with a variety of boons while dealing moderate condition damage.

Rainbow Fire (AA) -AT: 1/2s
Fenghuang summons flaming wisps that bounce between targets, dealing damage and burning foes while granting allies random boons

1. Solar Flare -AT: 1/2s -CD: 10s
Fenhuang shines brilliantly blinding and burning enemies

2. Revitalizing Feathers -AT: 1s -CD: 30s
Fenghuang drops some of his feathers around her, allies can pick up these feathers gaining regeneration and enormously increasing the effectiveness of regeneration.

3. Aura of Eternity -AT: 1/4s -CD: 30s
Fenghuang passively generates random boons. When activated this skill prevents the expiration of boons on allies.

Utility: Infusion of Husks -AT: 1s -CD: 10s
This infusion causes your G.L.E.E.P. to transform in Aijundu, the Junundu Queen. Aijundu is an immobile (but moveable) high damage tank, that is able to attack targets from high range.

Junundu Siege (AA) -AT: 1s
Aijundu hurls a large, slow moving, homing boulder towards an enemy, dealing a high amount of damage in a small radius.

1. Junundu Tunnel -AT: 3/4s -CD: 10s
Aijundu digs into the ground and reappears some time later at the targeted location dealing damage and knocking back enemies.

2. Tunnelling Assault -AT: 1/2s -CD: 15s
Aijundu partially burrows herself and travels to a target’s location, dealing damage and crippling foes along her path.

3. Royal Traversal -AT: 2s -CD: 30s
Aijundu tunnels and after a short delay appears at her master’s location. Swallowing allies and transporting them to her original location.
(Works on downed allies)

Utility: Infusion of Claws -AT: 1s -CD: 10s
This infusion causes your G.L.E.E.P. to transform in Rekoff, the Broodmother. Rekoff is a fast-moving, fast-attacking assassin that is able to deal high amounts of condition damage.

Vicious Assault (Auto Attack) -AT: 1/2s
Rekoff viciously strikes a foe twice, dealing damage and inflicting bleeding

1. Sharpen Claws -CD: 15s
Rekoff’s sharp claws inflict bleeding and make her target vulnerable when she attacks.

2. Infectious Talons -CD: 20s
Rekoff starts attacking with her talons inflicting poison and weakening her foes.

3. Broodmother’s Promise -CD: 30s
Rakoff passively transfers her conditions to a foe when attacking. When activated Rakoff transfers all conditions from her master to herself.

(edited by Barry Moonfang.6897)

Elite Speculation: The Summoner

in Ranger

Posted by: Barry Moonfang.6897

Barry Moonfang.6897

The elite skill changes depending on the pet/infused pet that is currently out. The Elite skills have a shared cooldown and will end any infusion your pet is currently in.

G.L.E.E.P. – Gelatinous Absorption -AT: 1s -CD: 90s
G.L.E.E.P. hurries towards its master, using its own body to shield them from all harm.
Effect: Your pet takes all damage and conditions you would have taken. You cannot move.
Duration: 10s or until G.L.E.E.P. dies

Fenrir – The Great Hunt -AT: 1s -CD: 90s
Fenrir calls forth some of his kin from the mists, these Kveldulfs use lesser versions of Fenrir’s skills.
Effect: Summon 2 Kveldulfs, these Kveldulfs can be controlled as you would do with a normal pet (attack target, come back).
Duration: 20s

Fenghuang – Immortal Flame -AT: 1s -CD: 90s
Fenghuang sacrifices his own life energy to cast an immoral flame over his master and his allies, creatures affected with immoral flame cannot die.
Effect: Creatures effected with Immoral Flame cannot fall below 1 Health
Duration: 5s

Aijundu – Queens Tremor -AT: 1s -CD: 90s
Aijundu infuses the earth around her with magical energy, creating unstable ground. Unstable ground knocks enemies back and grants allies stability.
Duration: 10s

Rakoff – Twisting Jaws -AT: 1s -CD: 90s
Rakoff bites her foe with razorsharp fangs, targets suffer from an open wound. Downed enemies struck with this ability are finished.
Effect: Creatures with Open Wound suffer from bleeding each second
Duration: 10s

The three trait line each have a different focus, the first line focusses on controlling your pet, the second line focuses on Infusions and channeling powers from the mists and the third line focusses on the Spear.

Minor Adapt – Spiritual Conduct
You can equip Spears on land and gain access to Infusions. G.L.E.E.P. replaces your pets.

Minor Master – Rallying Essence
When rallying G.L.E.E.P. give it a copy of your boons

Minor Grandmaster – Mightiest Infusion
You and your pet gain Might when using an Infusion skill.
Major Adapt – Relentless Assault
When using your you mark a target, your pet will now relentlessly attack the selected target even when its master changes targets. When activating Relentless Assault your pet gains superspeed (3s ITC 10s).

Major Master – At Your Command
Reduces the recharge of Commands (20%). Commands remove movement impairing conditions (Cripple, Immobilized, Chill) from your pet.

Major Grandmaster – Lingering Spirit
When an infused G.L.E.E.P. returns to his original form some of its former power sticks to you granting an effect based on the mist creature you conjured. (Fenrir: +100 Power/Precision, Fenghuang: +100 Healing Power/Concentration, Aijundu: +100 Toughness/Vitality, Rekoff: +100 Ferocity/Condition Damage)
Major Adapt – Fragmented Power
Casting a Infusion infuses nearby allies with a fraction of its power.
Infusion of Fangs (5x Might, 10s), Infusion of Wings (Regeneration, 10s), Infusion of Husks (Protection, 5s) and Infusion of Claws (Fury, 10s)

Major Master – Mistfire Familiar
Your strong spiritual presence draws a Lesser Mistfire Familiar which feeds on conditions converting those to boons (convert a condition every 10s).

Major aster– Infuse Life
Casting a Spiritual Infusion fully heals your pet, you are able to revive allies from range (Range: 600).
Major Adapt – Lock-on
You deal an additional 15% damage against foes tethered to you or your pet.

Major Master – Spear Chucker
Reduces recharge of your Spear skills (20%). While wielding a spear you attack 20% faster.

Major Grandmaster – Sun’s Spear, Moon’s Shield
While wielding a spear create a shield to block an attack every 5 seconds. If the shield is destroyed, it explodes and damages nearby foes.

I’m still looking for feedback, what do you like, what don’t you like.
Also any suggestions are welcome.