Another Renegade Feedback

Another Renegade Feedback

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Posted by: Alchimist.4738


I’ll begin by saying Renegade inherits the Revenant flaws, and to make the former fun to play they also need to fix the latter, recently a thread on reddit touched on some of the core Revenant issues and proposes interesting solutions.

I think every “f” abilities should consume Kalla’s Fervor for greater effects, it’d make Kalla’s Fervor much more interesting to use, as right now it’s a passive effect really easy to maintain.

Heroic Command - It should grant 2 might for every stack of Kalla’s Fervor consumed, the might lasting for 12 seconds. Alongside the energy cost should either be reduced from 20 to 15, or Heroic Command should restore 1 energy per stack of Kalla’s Fervor consumed.

Heroic Command becomes a more powerful group support ability and might compete with Phalanx Strength, Heroic Command being an active might generation with the drawbacks of losing all of your Kalla’s Fervor sacks and costing energy when Phalanx Strength is a passive might generation without much drawbacks. If you’ve Lasting Legacy trait-ed you’ll get 20 might lasting for 12 seconds every 10 seconds.

Citadel Bombardment - It should grant two missiles for every stack of Kalla’s Fervor consumed. Alongside the energy cost should go from 40 to 35.

Vindication - It needs changes because of the rework on Citadel Bombardment. It should grant 2 seconds of Retaliation for every missile damaging a foe, it’d have a synergy with Vicious Reprisal form the Retribution trait line.

Orders from Above - It should grant 1 second of alacrity for every stack of Kalla’s Fervor consumed.

Righteous Rebel - It needs changes because of the rework on Orders from Above. It should still increase the radius of Orders from Above by 120, and it should also affect 10 targets instead of 5. It’d allow for some great alacrity sharing in Raids and WvW.

Shortbow -

Sevenshot - It’s angle is too wide leading to most projectile missing in close to mid range, the angle should be reduced to have more compacted arrows.

Spiritcrush - Slow should be replaced by chill in order to allow the shortbow to synergize well with the Abyssal Chill trait.

Scorchrazor - Burning should go from 2 seconds to 3 seconds.


Overall I think the utilities are great, even though Breakrazor’s Bastion could use a buff on its healing capabilities, but my biggest reproach is the fact that those utilities are basically wells, but they also behave like phantasms, in the sense that they can be interrupted and killed, which means those utilities are going to be terrible in sPvP and WvW, as they have both the drawbacks of wells and phantasms, the former being easy to not stand inside and the latter being easy to cleave. Legendary Renegade Stance should only behave like wells and not have health pool.


Let me first tell you about how easy it’s to max Kalla’s Fervor, and how useless the traits (Wrought-Iron Will, Ashen Demeanor, Blood Fury, Ambush Commander) helping to max Kalla’s Fervor are because of that. Arguably if the “f” abilities would consume Kalla’s Fervor instead of refreshing the duration, those traits would become more useful, but the minor adept (Ambush Commander) would cover most of the Kalla’s Fervor application anyway.

Ambush Commander - Only grants Kalla’s Fervor when you critically strike, attacks from behind or the flanks increase the chance of critical strike by 5%. It’s only 5% because the trait is a minor adept, otherwise it’d be more powerful than the Ranger grandmaster minor Hunter’s Tactics.

Wrought-Iron Will - Increase the duration on Regeneration from 2 seconds to 4 seconds.

The grandmaster traits already have been looked into above, overall I like the other traits.

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