Coming back on Thief

Coming back on Thief

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I used to play a thief almost a year ago if i am not mistaken, shortly after they introduced daredevil.

I pre-ordered the expansion and i am thinking of playing my thief again. I haven’t built any other characters so I can’t really compare dps and play style. I do like the fact that thieves can get of out combat with stealth and have good mobility in general. I have heard that there is a new elite spec coming out which apparently is still getting tuned but has failed with excite people with high dps numbers.

I just have a few questions because I have not been following the GW2 scene. Planning to find a guild, perhaps try raids, pug some instances and do some pvp (not primarilly pvp focused, i like it once i a while but in general prioritise pve over pvp).

Are thieves any good at the moment?
Any pointers for overall good performance builds?

Thanks in advance for any comments.

Coming back on Thief

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Posted by: Imperadordf.2687


Deadeye – new elite spec – is really good at doing damage but it’s mobility… It bothers me more than anything. Look at for currently meta builds and tips.

- Yes thieves are in a pretty good point in WvW right now and good at +1 in sPvP. In PvE, you can build whatever you want. It doesn’t matter because of the potential damage of Thief. But you can go Trickery – Deadly Arts – Daredevil to easily clear mobs.

- The meta weapon sets right now are;
Power Dagger/Pistol – Shortbow
Condition Damage Dagger/Dagger – Shortbow
Power Staff – Pistol/Pistol

Livia – Ring Of Fire

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