NEW Warrior WvW/Roaming Build (look inside)

NEW Warrior WvW/Roaming Build (look inside)

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Posted by: Valmir Of Esgaroth.8036

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Before I get into the meat of this build I wanted to say in context I was so upset over the new changes to our class that I about destroyed my Legendary and all ascended gear with it. If you are like me, you’ve tried dozens of builds, spent gold, time, effort only to be pigeonholed into a few “meta” builds easily countered.

I set out to curb the glass issues and new found frailty while keeping excellent burst, regeneration, condi cleanse, but most of all: gruesome stuns and capability. Switch out Sigils to your liking as I’ve tried to squeeze more damage out of each piece.

What this build provides is an excellent means of control and hidden potential. Warrior especially Berserk warriors have always especially of the"glass" spec are easily countered and shattered as I had been time after time, fight after fight. Try as I might I just couldn’t wrap my head around why.

I tried then to meld old bits of the GS/Hammer meta build with Melandru runes into something more fearsome and even more gruesome toward enemies. The result? Linked above. Make no mistake it’s nasty.

I’ve solo’d Rangers, Thieves, Warriors, done 1v3 (lost mostly : ) but took a couple) 1v2’s and supported teams of roamers in WvW. I’ve also easily taken camps to my delight with little difficulty despite being decked out as a glass Warrior.

If Strength is more to your liking go for it. I’ve gone for a build with as much potential 100% crit uptime as possible (on burst due to trait and stun due to trait) making this deadly yet VERY tanky for what it is.

Lets go into more depth.



Berserk Fury. I chose this due to mainly wanting Adrenaline in leaps and bounds. While Signet Mastery is another choice and you are welcome to use it I found BF more useful especially when stacking for stuns, cleanse, etc.

Unsuspecting Foe. Base crit should be above 50% without SOR. This brings your crit uptime to 100% on stunned foes. This build provides you with 3.

Burst Precision. Again Burst skills crit for 100% guaranteeing procs for Air, Fire and a very hurt foe.


Shield Master. Brilliant. Utterly brilliant against casters and gaining might stacks are easy for even more power. Not to mention reflect and shield skill recharge.

Defy Pain. We’re glass. Need all the help we can get and this is a very powerful trait which is why I took it twice in skill and trait.

Cleansing Ire. Cleanse conditions gain adrenaline. The meat of this build with runes and food.


Warrior’s Sprint. Mobility is key especially post patch.

Destruction Of The Empowered. 3% makes a huge difference. If you still feel the need to cleanse more conditions feel free.

Heightened Focus. SO good. SO SO good when stacked with Frenzy. Gut those enemies wide open.


Berserker. What Else?


Meandru. Needed with our glass issues. Very very powerful.

Sigils: Air, Fire for dps on the Greatsword. Paralyzation for our Mace for stuns. Hydromancy on the shield for Chills.


Lemongrass, Sharpening Stones. Condi reduction, Power.


The idea is to fake the opponent out. Let them see your Greatsword and they will think “Bulls Charge” like always. Instead block their opener, BC in after, swap Freny, HB (this will either gut them down to hardly any health or force a heal).

The rest is whittling down with max adrenaline, using Skull Crack, countering with shield skills (might stacks and reflects and using Defy Pain). You’ll be very pleased I’m sure.

Let me know how you guys like this. I’m having tons of fun. Any improvements or suggestions I’d gladly take. Enjoy!

(edited by Valmir Of Esgaroth.8036)

NEW Warrior WvW/Roaming Build (look inside)

in Warrior

Posted by: DrMatt.9408


nice, glad to see someone else using arms! ive got a similar build (see my sig) with axe/shield/hammer for roaming but running pvt gear except weapons. Using the signet trait, which gives me enough precision and guaranteed crits when combined with burst precision, unsuspecting foe, sig int etc. Scored a 14k eviscerate on a zerker thief after surviving his burst which I don’t think he was expecting lol