Your Spellbreaker build

Your Spellbreaker build

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Posted by: Cave Rock.4869

Cave Rock.4869

I just went dual daggers and axes with max precision and high ferocity plus boon strip. I am still unsure about the utilities and squishiness but I wanted to make a full power damage Spellbreaker.

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Your Spellbreaker build

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Posted by: BurrTheKing.8571


I’m focusing on gaining high crit chance, high hard CC, high soft CC, and a moderate amount of boon removal.

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Your Spellbreaker build

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Posted by: Zakka.2153


Burr’s looks similar to mine.

Gobbie’s Back Breaker Build

I really couldn’t think of a good name of the build soooo…yeaaah.

Your Spellbreaker build

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Posted by: klam.6538


I guess I’m looking more of a feedback from people who have tried Spellbreaker already (I didn’t get to play the demo). This is what I want to try day 1 PoF in WvW. This is just from pure speculation from watching videos and looking at it on paper.

1) As I am using defenders currently, I’m thinking of going in as is. Not sure the synergy it will have with the new heal. Thoughts?

2) I was also thinking of dropping defense and going strength, utilizing might makes right as a means of sustain. With forceful greatsword and magebane tether, I feel like there would be a lot of heals and endurance build up. Thoughts on this?

3) How useful is winds of disenchantment when roaming? I like the lightning field to create more dazes but I feel like people are just gonna kite you once it’s up.

Your Spellbreaker build

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Posted by: sneakytails.5629


Full out tank, anti-condition, CC, and defense. Its time to out-cheese the cheese.

One skill on the bar will be changed to SbS when I need it for anti-teef and mesmer duty.

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