Searching the Forums

Searching the Forums

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Posted by: Gaile Gray

Gaile Gray

ArenaNet Communications Manager

Due to limitations within the current forum search engine, we want to suggest an alternative that may improve your search results and help you find the posts or threads you are seeking.

  • Type the following in the Google search bar (without any brackets):
    site:[the url of the subforum you want to search in] [your search terms]

For the core forums and the GW2 Discussion sub-forum (dropping the “HTTP://), the URLs would be:

  • English:
    English GW2 Discussion:

    French GW2 Discussion:

    German GW2 Discussion:

    Spanish GW2 Discussion:

Here are some examples of how this could work for you.

Example #1
You wish to search in the “Players Helping Players” English-language sub-forum for the term “search options”
Type the following into the Google search bar: search options
This will bring up results on that topic in that sub-forum in English only.

Example #2
You wish to search in the “GW2 Discussion” subforum in French for the term “fractal drops”
Type this in to the Google search bar: fractal drops
This will bring up results on that topic in that sub-forum and in French only.

Example #3
You need to search for posts by a specific forum member. If you want to search in all German-language forums, type this: [player name]

As always, insert EN, FR, DE, or ES to be sure you’re searching in your preferred language.

Many thanks to Tom Yzf and other forum members for consolidating information that allowed us to post these tips.

Gaile Gray
Communications Manager
Guild & Fansite Relations; In-Game Events

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