The Crossing Bug

The Crossing Bug

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Posted by: BlackRain.9537


I just got my Crossing last week and I keep being repeatedly told that the lantern is hanging out in the air… but if i’m moving around it moves fine the moment I stop moving.. the lantern is hanging out in the air.. I see it fine myself but other’s dont.. and it makes it look stupid -.-

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The Crossing Bug

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Posted by: Shikigami.4013


I found this post using google because I had the same problem. I have this staff as well and it looked fine for me, but other people sometimes told me the lantern was sticking out sideways instead of hanging down. It also looked that way when I saw my character on someone else’s screen.

I do notice that the post is quite old, but for anyone who may -like me- find this post in the future I would like to explain the reason for this effect right here instead of making a seperate post which may not be found by people reading this post.

The halloween staff “The Crossing” uses moving parts (the dangling lantern hanging from a chain). For those people who have set very low graphics settings in their game options, such weapon animations may not show. So if you have this weapon and anyone mentions the lantern “hanging out in the air” or “sticking out sideways”, tell them their low graphics settings are to blame.

PS: Strangely, when I tested this with a second PC and a second game client, the lantern started to dangle from its chain -as it is supposed to- after enabling higher quality graphics settings, but then it stayed this way even after I lowered those settings again (and changed maps and even restarted the client) and did NOT go back to show the inanimate “sticking out” lantern. I don’t have any explanation for this.

I attached a picture of the lantern in the “how it is not supposed to look” state.


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The Crossing Bug

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Posted by: Illconceived Was Na.9781

Illconceived Was Na.9781

Good detective work, Shikigami.

If you have time, this would be a good thing to add to the wiki article (or if you don’t want to edit, you can drop a note on its talk page.

PS I agree that this wasn’t a “necro’d” post; Shikigami.4013 found an explanation to an “age old” issue.

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