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Moa morph buffs pets -_-'

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Posted by: Durzlla.6295


So, me and a friend were dueling and I was just kittening around using my Moa pet (the point was to help them learn Mesmer and me stomping him with wolves wouldn’t do that) and he made the mistake of Moa Morphing my pet in a few of the duels.

However, the pet while Moa Morphed (yet used the same kittening skills he normally does with the addition of a leap skill and an evade instead of his heal), landed literally every, single, skill, and my friend may not be the best Mesmer but he was still moving, which kittened my pet over normally.

The worst part is, the reason my Moa was magically landing everything was because Moa morph utilizes a LUNGE mechanic for each skill IE your attacks make you dart forward.

So if my pet can hit players under the effects of an enemy elite skill WHY THE kitten hasn’t Anet made ALL NPC attacks like this? My god PvE would be so much interesting (and our pets so much less useless) if they actually could land kitten!

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