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X Final Stand X - Recruiting - Ring of Fire (EU) - PvX Guild

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Hi All!

The guild was established back in March 2008 and we have played many different MMOs in our time, we are now making GW2 our new home and are in the process of moving members over from other games. We were established on GW2 on the first day of the head-start period.
We are also recruiting people who were not our members from before

We’re a friendly casual guild where we all help each other out in terms of leveling, crafting etc and also do WvW, PVP and dungeons.

We don’t mass recruit so that’s why we haven’t got hundreds of members like other guilds do, we consider quality over quantity!

We have a guild logo bank and guild armor with more ugrades and benefits for the members on the way!

Guild forum and website also available.

/w me in game if you want an invite – my ingame name is Killedyou

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Guild Leader: X Final Stand X