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Sword offhand spec?

in Thief

Posted by: Geeo.2154


was a little upset there was no sword offhand spec for thief, will it ever be implemented? Would love to see it anyone else?

Do people like Meta Maps?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Mikali.9651


personally, no. They are all the same thing, zerg fest, particle effects, 0 skill involved, and I don’t really see any party play. So yeah.
I would rather like they put resources into actually making story play, maybe even more instanced play like in Core GW2, more reasons for party play which are story telling focused (and not fractals).

That is my main issue with HoT, story which is done in one day, kinda rushed in some parts, it’s not fluid at all…I would rather 10 more chapters then Meta Events

I think dungeons were actually great (AC in my heart forever), if only they were worked on more, and if story telling was made in that way…
Also World Bosses could be so much more expanded and connected with story and the world, and I do enjoy playing them, even if they are also zerg fest, but actually some have nice mechanics

I dunno man, Open World Meta Events are just crazy boring for me, I have no fun at all, only reason I play is cuz unique currencies and items from those maps, tbh, I feel cheated playing them.

But yeah, let’s kill all the White Mantle!! That I am always for!

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Your wishes for 2016?

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Posted by: Kulvar.1239


I want to make my characters’ homes <3
Using wood, ores, and clothes to make desk, bed, chest, …

In images: 10 Options we'd still like to see

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Posted by: Eidolonemesis.5640


Update: Idea #1 has been explained in a NOTE a little more to address a few misconception about the function of ‘Use-all’. Please be sure to read that note.

One of the new things explained in idea #1 is there would not be a “You are Encumbered” Window to prevent item overflow in the event of insufficient Inventory space to which a warning message saying so will come up before players actually use the ‘Use-all’ option.

OR if the “You are Encumbered” Window is to stay, it can be made where not every item in the window is shown, to say that “You are attempting to carry x amount items than will fit in your bags. Clean some space or delete something.” whereupon clicking the ‘Take All’ button reduces the x amount being withheld per click.


Thank you very much to everyone who has +1’d / supported these ideas so far.

Here are mock-up images of what a few of the ideas explained below could look like:

Idea 1. (Use-all option)

Idea 2. (Y and N as Hotkeys)

Idea 4. (more TP items displayed)

Idea 10. (World Boss Timer Window)

Honorable Mention Idea 11. (total of gathered materials in the Bank, Inventory and Stored shown in the TP)

1. Give all container-type items and certain consumable items (for example Essences of Luck, Wintersday Gifts, Trick-or-Treat Bags, etc.) a ‘Use all’ option whereupon a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ Confirmation Window pops up with a warning message saying, “To prevent overflow of items, the “You are Encumbered” Window will not appear in the event of insufficient Inventory space. Are you sure you want to use all at once?” (the sound effects from consumable/bagged items upon using the ‘Use-all’ option would sound off only once to prevent overload of too much of the same sound).

Forcing players to click 500 times to open 250 consumables that contain many items is a lot of wear and tear on our gaming mice after a while. No player should have to go through this much clicking.

NOTE: If players use the ‘Use-all’ option with an already full inventory, the action of ‘Use-all’ will never go through at all until the player makes more room in their inventory.

Furthermore, when players use the ‘Use-all’ option, it is not necessarily the case that all consumable/bagged items will be used due to lack of inventory space to store all those items, and so in the case of insufficient inventory space, no items will be lost, to which a message will still pop up saying to players that they do not have enough inventory space. Nothing changes like if a player clicks a stack of consumable/bagged items one click at a time to which they are eventually met with the same message regarding insufficient inventory space.

Let me explain this mathematically if the above is not clear:

Say you use the ‘Use-all’ option explained in idea #1, and you have room for all items coming from 150 bags out of 250 bags, yet that 151th bag contained 3 items that could not fit in your inventory because you have only 2 empty inventory spaces left. Guess what? When the game code sees 3 items at once cannot fit into only 2 empty inventory spaces left, the use of that 151th bag will never go through, and as a result, NO excess items will be lost because there would be no excess items left over.

2. Make the ‘Yes’ or ‘ No’ options Hotkeys that can be used in the Destroy Item Confirmation Window where the Y and N are underlined. I have seen this simple option in other games when destroying items and it would be great to see this in GW 2

Doing this will make it easier for players to Destroy items at a faster pace vs. using the mouse to choose ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for each undesired item, especially after receiving many useless items that won’t sell on the TP from opening a stack of openable items.

3. Make the ‘Buy more at Trading Post’ option available in all collection windows within the ‘Collection’ achievements section for all collectible items that can be bought and sold at the Trading Post (when players Right-Click on a purchasable collectible item).

4. Without changing the current size of the Trading Post Window (this is not option-related yet should be mentioned), at least 10 items should be displayed (instead of 3) under the ‘Recently Viewed’ and ‘My Latest Trades’ columns where we can use Scroll Bars to view all 10 items under those two columns within the ‘Home’ tab.

5. Under the ‘Miniatures’ section in the Hero Window, add the ‘Find in Trading Post’ option only for Minis that can be bought and sold at the Trading Post (much like you can do within the ‘Dyes’ section).

6. Within the Trading Post, give players the option to ‘Hide all unlocked’ skins and minis like you can in the ‘Dyes’ section of the Hero Window. (This idea brought to you by MashMash.1645 in the comments. This is not really a new idea but a good one).

7. Give players the option to assign a Hotkey for ‘stowing’ and ‘activating’ a Ranger’s Pet.

8. Add a Template Saving System for Builds & Trait Lines so players can switch up their setups on the go during their gameplay to adapt more quickly to different situations.

Note: Idea 8 used to be a ‘View Gear Type’ option, that despite explaining throughout the idea players would only be allowed to view the names of another player’s gear (not Player Stats, Gear Stats and Mods within the View Gear Window), and that there would be a setting within the Settings Window named ‘Allow players to view your Gear Type’ with a Check Box next to it that is not enabled by default… the idea itself (after many conversations I have had about it with players in-game) posed an issue that was argued where elite players doing end-game content would criticize or kick players in parties that did not have the ‘Allow players to view your Gear Type’ option enabled prior to joining the Party, among similar scenarios that were argued.

That is why I no longer stand behind the original 8th idea because I believe all players should be able to go through all their scratches and bruises (as a learning experience) no matter where they are playing in the game, and no matter their game experience.

Just because a great many players have spent countless hours playing through the core content of the game prior to reaching end-game content does not mean they should be expected to fully understand how to play end-game content when they do get to it, because core content gameplay is not the same experience.

9. Create a Toy Tab in the Hero Window where players can store all their Toys bought from the Gem Store to save more Inventory space and to ensure Toys are with players anywhere they travel like players can do with Minis (this idea brought to you by jessym.2109, although I have heard other players in-game say they want this, too).

Note: I have had players tell me in past conversations that one of the reasons they will not buy a lot of Toys from the Gem Store is because they do take up too much Inventory and Bank space, and I can agree because I own many Toys from the Gem Store as well.

The reason why the original idea #9 was removed and replaced with another is explained on Page 2 of this thread between the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th post down.

10. Implement an in-game World Boss Timer Window that has a timer for each Boss to encourage more players to participate in World Boss Events vs. making players rely on third-party/external sources outside the game to keep track of the World Boss Events. That being said, using external sources to track World Boss Events would still be viable for players not logged into the game, yet an in-game Event Timer would be more accessible.

Furthermore, World Boss Events that are already taking place in the Timer Window would read, “Started” whereas World Boss Events that are over would read, “Pending…”

NOTE: This idea is not option-related, yet it is an idea I believe that will bring more players together on the battlefield during World Boss Events.

(This idea brought to you by the general community)


Honorable Mention 11. Add a ‘Total Gathered’ label below the ‘Vendor Value’ label for all gathered materials within the ‘Buy / Sell’ Windows of the Trading Post.


Let me know what you think. If you like these ideas, please spread word and support!

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[Suggestion idea] Pay to balance!

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Posted by: Palador.2170


You’re actually asking us to chip in and pay them more, because they’ve failed at their job of making the game enjoyable?

Sarcasm, delivered with a
delicate, brick-like subtlety.

I see why I stopped playing; Concerns

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Soap.6124


I haven’t played GW2 for nearly a year now.

I thoroughly enjoyed most of the game; I have a couple 80’s and some fairly high PvP-rank characters. Very close to world completion, high level crafting skills, etc.

I decided to see how the game has come in the past months and fired it up again; after a large amount of patching, a good bit of nostalgia, and a couple of hours, I found myself in a state of déjà vu; I got that same feeling of “there’s really nothing to do” again.

How could this be? Months of content and patches being added but still there’s seemingly nothing to do.

Well, it got me thinking. I really like the structure of the game; it’s got a ton of potential and the ANet team seems very proactive when it comes to their game. It’s just a matter of direction, if you ask me.

Here’s some of my concerns, take them for what they are; I’m sure many people agree as well as disagree and think I’m an idiot.

• The loot isn’t fun. There’s very little variation when it comes to items, besides aesthetics. While leveling up this isn’t too much of an issue, it kind of dulls the experience at max level. Sure, I don’t have full Ascended gear, but I’m also not very compelled to put a ridiculous amount of time and effort into getting them due to one, these items don’t really have a meaningful impact on gameplay, and two, there’s no gameplay that really merits them.

• Nobody really does dungeons; they skip them. If people are going out of their way to skip content, don’t you think there might be something wrong with the content? Most dungeons contain too much filler and lack real “loot” for your efforts; that doesn’t create a challenging, rewarding, nor immersing dungeon experience.

• Build diversity and overall balance could be much better. Nowadays, it seems like nobody likes you unless you’re full Berserker, using your classes “best” weapon. Doesn’t that seem a little strange to anyone? If balancing between PvE and PvP is difficult, why not just balance them separately?

• World events should be more… worldly. Off the top of my head, one of my favorite world events is when that huge Giant runs over that low-level Charr town in one of their zones. I like that event because there’s repercussions for not dealing with him; your town is pretty much useless. What good are world events that really don’t have any weight within the world around them? Would be pretty fun if towns getting attacked was more of a regular thing; it makes the world seem more dangerous.

Living story content is great and all, but shouldn’t the focus be on content that’s fun and repayable? I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather see:

? Added a new zone where players fight the native clans for control over rare, natural resources!
- Rare and bountiful resources that appear randomly throughout the map are guarded by powerful monsters!
- Monsters periodically assault player hubs; the attacks never stop!


? Some kitten with a giant robot spawned in the middle of the mountains somewhere; go kill it if you’re bored and looking for somthing to do.

I see why I stopped playing; Concerns

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Zepidel.5349


I think if Anet made the game you want, OP, most of the people playing the game would leave. The very stuff you see as “stuff to do”, I see as a waste of time.

It’s not the the game is bad or good. The game isn’t for everyone. It works for a whole lot of people and doesn’t work for other people.

Pretty much like every other MMO in existence.

You would stop playing if they fixed the PvE meta allowing for roles besides dps? If they made world events and bosses have a meaningful impact on the game word? If dungeons were fun and rewarding? If there was more armor skins to choose from that didn’t come from the gem store? If… give me a break

Everything in OP’s post are things that are really wrong with the game, and yet every post here is kissing anets kitten.

He didn’t ask for things like “oh I wish we had flying mounts” or “oh I wish we had open world PvP” or “oh I wish we could buy instant level 80 scrollls” etc…

Evon Gnashblade - Philanthropist of LA

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Smooth Penguin.5294

Smooth Penguin.5294

Being the great hero that he is, Evon’s now giving back even more! Coming soon, he’ll be taking care of all of the player’s damaged armor. That’s right, no more armor repair costs! This is just one more way for Evon to say “thanks” to all those who supported him in last year’s election.

Note – This act of kindness is permanent, unlike Kiel’s temporary WP cost reduction.

In GW2, Trading Post plays you!

Feedback: Max Daily/Monthly AP

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Posted by: Wayland.3528


Dislike the change very much. It just creates an artificial wall everyone will just ended up banging their heads against.

I get the rewards for super high APs aren’t all fleshed out yet, but hate to be punished for that.

Feedback: Max Daily/Monthly AP

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Celtic Lady.3729

Celtic Lady.3729

Taking away rewards has never gotten anyone to do something different than what they enjoy. It just means that people will leave and do what they enjoy on another game, thereby causing revenue loss in this one.

Bad business move.

Narrative Lessons From 15 Months of Scarlet

in Living World

Posted by: Kain Francois.4328

Kain Francois.4328

By Ogden’s Hammer, what ravings!

Again, ANet built up too much hype...

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: SaltyDave.7346


… for mediocore changes. The “big and great” feature patch so far is, removing the most minimal ever appearing costs in the game, repairs, that didn’t hurt even the every time dying newbies (not like traveling costs, that noone really cares about later). Free trait resets are mentioned TWICE in 2 separate blogposts, once it says you can do it for free anywhere, and the other says again you can do it for free. WvW exp and highend items being account wide is also represented as the most glorious thing ever done, but let’s face it, it’s just a “fix” that should have been done ages ago and takes minimal effort. I’m not a programmer, but I imagine it’s a swich on some devkit UI if an item is soulbound or account bound. The new traits are a nice addition, that’s for sure, but won’t make an impact on the game, not on their own. I expected many more changes (especially under title “removing restrictions”), like weapons that can be used in only main hand, can be used in offhand or something. That would have been the very minimal of my expectations. The wardrobe is also nice.

I must say, I’m happy to see the game changing and upgrading, but this is very very far from enough, to keep me playing. Most of the changes are aimed for newcomers.

Wardrobe? Great! I already have all the skins I wanted, I had 1.5 years to collect them. 0 new armor added.

Trait resets? Great! Now it saves me 30 seconds when I change between PvE and WvW. New traits added, this is done well – speaking in general, not about how good / bad those traits are.

WvW EXP and high end gear acc wide? Great! It’s a minor fix and changes nothing for those who already had this kind of stuffs. Those who have a legendary on a character are certainly very dedicated to that character, and it’s a welcome addition to allow item transfer between alts. But I can’t say it enough times this is a change so minimal, it is simply impossible to match the expactations that are based on the hype ANet built up, via speaking so highly about this patch, plus the lacking communication when people went to theorycrafting and wishes about new weapon skills etc. that should have been in a patch presented a way like this one.

More detailed LFG tool? Seriously? This is worth an entire day’s blogpost? I was propably hard to write more than 2 lines about it. A change that should have been mentioned as a sidenote somewhere, not as a “look at our hard hard work!”. I could appriciate it, if it would not be – again – presented as something fantastic. This is a minor fix.

Reworked runes, sigils. This is the big one, something I say easily lived up to the hype. I cannot say much until I tried the new system, but it definitly sounds like a great, fundamental change that REALLY required hard work and balancing, and has a big impact on everyday gameplay. Something I don’t really do, since the content didn’t really expanded since relase. But that’s another topic, about why changes to gameplay doesn’t matter to those who don’t play at all because they’ve seen everything already, many times.

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Narrative Lessons From 15 Months of Scarlet

in Living World

Posted by: Shriketalon.1937


Greetings and salutations.

With Season 1 of the Living Story drawing to a close, it seems appropriate to offer review and reflection of everything that has come thus far. Sadly, there is much to consider, as the brand new path trod by Anet has many missteps and mishaps along the way.

Rather than talk about individual flaws, I thought it might be best to take a stab at the overall writing style of the Living Story and the narrative flaws it continues to exhibit. Plot holes come and go, individual complaints will always remain, but the best way to help Season 2 is to consider the pitfalls of Season 1 from a writing and gaming perspective. And so, I thought I would offer up a bit of constructive criticism in silly infographic format.

For your consideration, Fifteen Lessons From Fifteen Months of Scarlet Briar.


Feedback: Event loot nerfed

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Posted by: Awbee.8405


I hope they are prepearing for a new loot system t encourage players to play the dungeons/bosses with the motivation that amazing stuff can drop instead of, gold focused mechanics.

The problem is that gold is by FAR the most valuable thing in game. EVERYTHING you could possibly want, you can get with gold. Which in itself wouldn’t be so bad, the bigger problem is: for most things you might want, the ONLY way to get them is by farming gold.

That’s the problem with a reward system that depends almost entirely on RNG. If you get lucky and get a rare RNG drop, you can make a killing on the TP. If you don’t, you will have to grind for weeks and months to be able to buy what you want off the TP. It’s a lottery based system which doesn’t make for enjoyable or rewarding gameplay, sadly.

Feedback: Event loot nerfed

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Posted by: HHR LostProphet.4801

HHR LostProphet.4801

I can’t get behind this decision. I can’t remember one single event which is worth farming because of the loot you get at the end. All in all I think ArenaNet should work on making eventfarming more desireable to compete with dungeonloot.
Reducing the current abysmal poor loot is definitely the wrong way.

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[SUGGESTION] Hand health features

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: MithranArkanere.8957


Here are some changes that I think should be done to improve hand health while playing this game:

Crafting improvements:

Inventory improvements:

  • All remaining one-time instant effect consumables like essences of luck, drinks that count for thirst slayer and potions of karma should get the Consume All context menu entry.
  • All containers, bags, boxes and packaged goods that produce random loot on use should get a right click context menu option to “Open all”. Choosing that option would open a small panel that looks like the bottom half of the crafting window in the crafting panel, with a progress bar and a cancel button, and stopping automatically if the inventory is full.
  • Transferring items between the bank and the inventory should require single clicks from the bank panel. Same with the collections panel.
  • Hidden tabs or closed bags should be ignored when transferring items between the ban and the inventory by clicking them.
  • Empty slots in invisible bags should be the last to be filled by the system (e.g.: Looted items, crafter items, items from loot bags…). If there’s any other empty slot in the inventory, getting an item should put it in hat other slot instead, giving priority to the player to use invisible bag slots.

Salvage improvements

  • An option to bypass the salvage confirmation dialog could be added. For example, once this option is enabled, clicking with Shift+click with the salvage cursor prompt would not make the confirmation appear.

Autoattack improvement

  • When a ground-targeted skill has auto-attack enabled, holding the left mouse button or skill key down should keep the ground target marker visible and attempt to continuously use that skill on the target marker instead having to repeatedly press them.
  • A toggle option could be added. So using the skill once starts autoattacking, and using the skill again stops autoattacking, instead having to holster the weapon to stop.

Autotarget improvement:

Toggleable Ctrl and Alt:
(I ran out of space!)

What other features you think could be added to reduce strain in our hands while playing?


  • You can disable activating objects with right clik in the options panel!
  • We can salvage in bulk!
  • When transferring stackable items from and to the bank, the client searches for stacks of the same item, and tries to send then directly to the stack!
  • Vendors got a spinner and number boxes to buy in bulk!
  • Recipes from consumables are now account bound (except a few bugged ones, report those if you find them!)!
No exceptions!

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Greatsword Stance?

in Human

Posted by: SatanMayCry.1964


Is it just me that doesn’t like how male humans hold their greatswords upright like a baseball bat? It just looks ugly to me I wish you could change the way you can hold your weapon

27MAR14 Speculations

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Awbee.8405


I’m even more interested what “A Solid Foundation” might be about. There’s a tiny, overly optimistic part of me that hopes it might be about Housing … if only

Option to *Use All* ~

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Klonex.4562


there are certain items that require endless clicking, essence of luck for one. i know you can go to artificer and shorten the amount of clicking that you have to do. though, there really should be this option for these kind of items.

~Krystal <3 Angela ~
~ I taught cows how to Moo! ~

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Unshakable and Defiance ~ The bane of PvE

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Pip.2094


I totally agree with this. Despite people (ignorant people) cry around about zerker gear as if it’s the Devil and source of all evil in this game, it’s far from being so.
It’s just the best in the current state of the game. And the 10% nerf will indeed change nothing, full dps will still rule, because:
-Toughness gives no real defense against this 1-hit attacks bosses are given;
-Conditions have a totally meaningless role in PvE, they bring no good to a team in a dungeon for example, and causes some professions which are thought as condition-dealer to be hated and useless;
-Healing power nor most of support is in any way enough to counter a damage so high to 1 hit in barely 1-2 seconds;
-Mobs…you spoke of AI which sucks indeed (Why in GW1 the dumbest mob would move away from AoE attacks and in a game which should be advanced, mobs simply stand still, crushed into a corner to take any attack without trying to move from there?), and also the fact they have uber-huge hp pools doesn’t help. Dps is needed for a fight not to last forever.
I honestly hope that all the people who go “ZERK RUINED THE GAME” will actually read and realize some things…and maybe stop accusing people for choosing to run the best build available at the moment.


I had 40 gold and I felt poor

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Fox Reeveheart.1890

Fox Reeveheart.1890

Everything is too expensive, EVERYTHING. To me this game is already reaching an equivalent point in GW1 where platinum wasn’t viable anymore and people had to start using globs and z-keys as currency.

want to get that craft from 400 to 500? Pfft you don’t even have half of what it takes in buying stuff of TP to get what you need (because you’ll never actually have everything you need to start out with)

When scarlet’s kiss/rainbow came out, I had 10 gold and I couldn’t afford it, people said “Oh more people will get them and the price will go down” Well I was farming regardless and got about more gold over the course of the event. Those skins instead have jumped up to several HUNDRED gold in price, even before the event ended. Basically because I couldn’t afford it then, I’ll never afford it now.

I can’t believe how unfriendly this game is to the casual player in concern to endgame content. I never really thought about it until I realized that with 40 gold there really wasn’t anything I could do anyways with it.

Now some of you may have hundreds of gold I’m sure, but for someone that has plays now and then (and plays in bursts especially with decent new content) getting that gold took me a few weeks of play. I am frankly exhausted and yet I can’t really get anything nice with the money I had earned. I spent 30 gold on mats for getting to 500 armorcrafting WITH the crafting booster active and got roughly 40 points.

Sorry I had to rant.

Guild Leaders Need This Back

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Dragon Ruler X.8512

Dragon Ruler X.8512

I’m speaking on behalf of many guilds that I have spoken with throughout my time playing this game. There are a few key elements that would extremely help out Guild Leaders in managing their roster.

The First:
Inactivity timers – These would be a huge boon to Guild Leaders when trying to identify if 100 out of their 500 members have been gone for 3 months and they have new interested members looking to join them. In Gw1 we had a “Last Log-in” that was easy to read and readily available. Having that as an additional tab for the Guild Roster would be great imo.

The Second:
Join Date – This would help guilds that request their members be with them for 3 months or so before ranking up find out who has been in the guild for that amount of time by simply looking at what day they joined. We also had this in Gw1.

The Third:
Last Rep timer – This would simply indicate the last time someone rep’d your guild. Some guilds have a 100% rep policy (which I don’t agree with), but some guilds may want to know if their guildies are actively rep’ing them or not.

The Fourth:
Deep Cave Control – This would be an added set of privileges that would allow control of the Deep Cave’s deposit and withdrawal. Some guilds may want to allow members in the Stash, middle members in the Trove, and upper members in the Cave.

The Fifth (unlikely):
Guild Activity Graph – This would help a leader plan events by having a graph listing their most common peak hours of play throughout the week.

These are just some thoughts that would be lovely to have as a Guild Leader. What does everyone else think?

Btw where is my guild hall Anet? lol

Feedback/Questions: Transmutations

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Celestina.2894


I say No! Let us at least keep this bit of difference in the looks of armor types

Removing class restrictions on armor looks would open up a ton more variety.


in Living World

Posted by: Brother Dulfite.5793

Brother Dulfite.5793

The fact that players voted for some nonsense science mumbo jumbo over getting to see a being like abaddon (and probably other dieties in the game) and his fall is beyond me. How could ANYBODY want the first over that?

Real impact of critical damage changes

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Bri.8354


Now that we have the numbers on the ferocity changes (15 ferocity = 1 critical damage) from the recent blog post I decided to do some math on the changes.

A typical berserker build with ascended equipment not using consumables or skills like banner of discipline will have around:

  • Precision: 2,045 (78% critical chance with fury)
  • Critical damage before ferocity: 113% + 50% base critical damage (163% total)
  • With ferocity: 1,129 (75% critical damage + 50% base critical damage, 125% total)

You will see a loss of 38% critical damage, which is a 13.04922074% damage loss.

A “maxed out berserker” build using multiple buffs will typically have around:

  • Precision: 2,465 (98% critical chance with fury)
  • Critical damage before ferocity: 138% + 50% base critical damage (188% total)
  • With ferocity: 1370 (91% critical damage + 50% base critical damage, 141% total)

You will see a loss of 47% critical damage, which is a 16.20461582% damage loss.

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Kindof dangerous to have nothing for 10days

in Battle for Lion’s Arch - Aftermath

Posted by: Farzo.8410


World of Warcraft will have nothing to do for almost a year before their expansion releases.

Ferocity: A Failed "Solution"

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Im Mudbone.1437

Im Mudbone.1437

I’m wishing GW2 never existed and in its stead they just added to and improved GW1, the worlds best game released to date. PERIOD.

Blackgate Megaserver – [LaZy] Imperium of LaZy Nation
Mud Bone – Sylvari Ranger

racism in chat OK?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: JustTrogdor.7892


Reports should only be used for bots and spammers…If you can’t handle other people on a game you shouldn’t be playing an MMO or even using the internet…

Nope sorry, the welcome to MMOs and Internet argument is tiresome, old and out dated. The anonymity provided by the Internet is not an excuse to treat other people poorly. In fact if you think such things are okay I suggest you wait a few years once you mature a bit and perhaps you will then understand that it isn’t appropriate, necessary, or desirable.

The Burninator

HotW Path 1 Troll boss

in Fractals, Dungeons & Raids

Posted by: Nikaido.3457


I think the more interesting question is why he gives Ascalonian Tears from his bag of wondrous goods drop.

Because they probably just copy-pasted the AC troll and changed his model/colour.

Copy pasting things left and right sounds just about the amount of work they are willing to do to their dungeons.

- “No tears, please. It’s a waste of good suffering.”