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Vote for arrow to commander

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Posted by: TheOneWhoSighs.7513


You are thinking too much hun. The tag flew out of my screen not because of lag but just with normal movement and movement skills.

Oh I get what you’re saying.

Sorry, I’m so used to dealing with a guy from Australia as a commander that I thought you meant lag.

Yeah, an optional arrow to show the direction to the tag wouldn’t be that bad.

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Vote to Delete Servers!! Make new Worlds!

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Posted by: Pensadora.9478


You cannot have actual population balance in a game mode that is based on having 24/7 matches, it is not hard to understand.
There will always be imbalance because it is the nature of this content, plain and simple.

I would love for a Dev to clarify here. Is the below picture what we should always expect and satisfy ourselves with? Is this the best that ANet plans to do for WvW going forward, as Serenity has stated above, and Raymond may have intimated here:

At this time we do not have a solution that we feel solves enough of the issues with population balance while also hitting enough of our requirements for a change to be made.

At some time, you have to stop driving on that flat tire and change it, or it creates even more problems. Fixing the flat tire with a spare tire may not be the ‘best of the best’ of tire solutions, but at least it gets you back on the road, moving toward a next step – new or repaired tire. Not fixing it puts you out, on the side of the road, with no way to move forward.

It appears that you are telling us we’ll be driving on this crummy spare tire until….? Cause, by the looks of things, the tire isn’t holding up very well and the road is pretty potholed and bumpy.

The scores ALONE should be telling the devs that WvW is in dire condition and that many servers are being devastated by three, four, and five times their numbers at all times of the day and night.

Scores are not accurate enough to determine population. Some servers will intentionally tank for whatever reason, it does not mean their population is low, but if you only use scores as a basis for determining population you might think it is.

Scores determining population was not the point.

Scores indicating, visually, easily, objectively that there is a serious malfunction in WvW that hasn’t been addressed, is what the comment was about.

It should be easy for anyone to look at the score variance in this week’s T1 matchup – a mere 4 days into the week (first image below) – and see that things are entirely out of control and out of balance. Notice also that one server has total coverage, around the clock, every day.

It is even more telling when you look at this same scenario played out over months as shown in the historical matchups (second image below).

Yet this behemoth server was opened in June for more guilds and more people to transfer on to it. Why? We don’t have an answer for that question.

It certainly appears that this server was not, in any possible stretch of the imagination, in need of more population or coverage. So, I for one, am incredibly interested to know what data we don’t have, that Anet has that convinced them that BG needed to be opened for even more players to move there.

I’d like to understand what could possibly be preventing a correction to the out of balance population problems, while at the same time NOT preventing decisions that make it worse.

We have been told we haven’t suggested the right solution. Well, then I continue to ask….what is the plan? How long will these already long-term, incredibly out of balance, unfair and non-competitive situations continue?


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Raid Bug Corrected

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Posted by: Praxis.4976


Over 1000 people have not received their compensation yet, but they will do because Baseraver and others in this thread stood up, even though they were essentially called liars for doing so. Unfortunately the posts where that was said have been deleted; specifically Baseraver’s original post and Gaile’s response to him.

I understand the frustration completely. Rest assured there will be no under the rug sweeping going on.

I’d call deleting posts in this thread sweeping things under the rug, personally. I’d also call the way Gaile initially handled this issue appalling, especially considering the outcome. But that reputation can stay clean thanks to a quick click of the delete button, I guess.

Thank you Jeremy for looking at the data and constructing a considered response. Also, thank you for at least trying to make amends to those who were accused of lying at the beginning.

I look forward to this being fully resolved.

Raids need a solo story mode.

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Posted by: ButterPeanut.9746


One alternative that nobody talks about is to simply remove all story from raids such that a casual person now has no desire for the lore that doesn’t exist.

Question about Maguuma ownership

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Posted by: Zhuul.1759


after we destroyed the maguuma commander and his blob the maguuma commander immediately kneeled and accepted us as his new owner just as our new risen lordcommander promised.

we snapped a finger and the mag commander purrrd like a good dogcat. we told him to fetch a stick and he ran, searching.
we commanded them to help us destroying the yb keep in ebg and they did without a question or scratching us.
after that we commanded them to destroy the yb garrison with us and they obeyed, sending their strongest to impress us.

the question now is after yb drops a tier next week and another unstacked server comes up for example FA.
what happens when FA beats a Mag commander? does that mean they will own mag then or will mag still be loyal to us, their first owners? or can mag even have 2 owners? like FA commands them during sea and we command them during NA?

difficult new magate mess


Yes we can Great again

Pip Afk Farming

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Posted by: Sly.9518


Karma, sweet sweet karma

Still can't understand WvW matchmaking

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Posted by: Menyus.4610


Anet attention to wvw and pvp be like
Attention = (staff responsible for wvw) * (staff responsible for pvp) * (all the good community suggest) * Anetconstant
where Anetconstant = 0

Still can't understand WvW matchmaking

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Posted by: Natto.5819


I decided to be sober all weekend so that I could study and understand Anet’s matchmaking in WvW. After a three days, I’m still confused. Maguuma is the #2 server, but we’re placed in tier 3. Crystal Desert and Tarnish Coast is #9 and #10, and they’re in tier 2.

Each server in the top 10 is with a ~100 ratings difference, so on paper anyone could face each other in any given week. But the population difference in the top 10 is no where near each other. Even with linking, my friend says that Tarnish Coast was outmanned in EBG in NA timezone.

Using Einstein’s formula of special relativity, I’ve determined the cause of the matchmaking problems in both WvW and PvP:
E = mc*2/[1-v*2/c*2]*1/2

m = Anet attention to WvW
c = Anet attention to PvP
v = velocity of players wondering if matchmaking works

therefore E = broken

Now here’s the solution to the current problems. There needs to be a hard reset on all matchmaking ratings. Gecko, MMR, whatever. Scrap all points, and start over. If you create a new system, even better.

Opinions on WvW Roaming Guilds.

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Posted by: Troj.7940


Roaming is ruined as has been so since they tried to add stuff for roamers like bloodlust; LOL

And sentries that mark you on the map when solo or duo plus buffing condi which were already strong and not designed for small scale.

Gamemode is not fun and not even playable anymore.

If you think fighting condi mesmer and condi thieves all day long is fun you need shooting in the face.

Deployable Cannons in beta! [Merged]

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Posted by: RyuDragnier.9476


I request an immediate look at cannons by Anet. You can have 3 cannons right next to each other on a door to a gate or keep, completely negating any possible rams from going down. This forces catas, which can also be taken down by 3 more cannons placed on the wall. This is beyond ridiculous, there needs to be a range limit to how close cannons can be (including the already set tower/keep cannons), such as 1800 range, at the least, since it would cut down on a lot of this nonsense. It wouldn’t fully get rid of it, but it’d cut down on it.

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Mindless zergplay needs a big nerf

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Posted by: Cecilia.5179


Punishing people for playing together is agaibst the philosophy of the game. It would be much more appropriate to put more work into the balancing of large scale combat.

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Targetting is horrid

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Posted by: Cerby.1069


It is. It needs to be fixed

Ur normal tab targeting will prioritize gates/walls over actual players….like wwat?!!?!? Same with target closest enemy….if the gate/wall is closer (and its gonna be if ur near it) it targets that. WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU MAKE GATES/WALLS PART OF THE TARGET HOTKEYS? AND WHY ON EARTH ARE THEY PRIORITIZED TARGETS!?!?!?

And thats not all! Both keys will prioritize any enemies within a 360 degree radius now! So rather than target the guy infront of you it will target the guy who isn’t in ur los first!
Maybe for target nearest enemy someone out there will think it acceptable (honestly it is never acceptable imo…if i cant see if why should i be able to target it?!??!), but for both normal tab targetting and the other to function this way..!?!! NO! Maybe if my turn 180degrees button worked more than 40% of the time (and didn’t set my attacks on cd 60% of the time…why i can’t que up turn 180degrees and my next attack is beyond my understanding), or if I could turn to fire backwards while moving instead of just while standing still it might be okay.

The only way to target something reliable is to click on it. Which is easier said than done in wvsw where you have tons of things getting infront of ur target, ur targets porting around everywhere, ur targets stealthing and breaking ur target lock, ur targets moving out of ur los and breaking target lock…..why should moving out of my immediate los break target lock and yet I can retarget an enemy that is behind me without even knowing its there!?!??

Even better the target hot keys have a shorter range than ur actual click to target! If you see some1 running towards you from the distance you can ‘eventually’ target them when they get to a certain distance with the mouse (thats another problem…the max targeting range is too short for incoming targets), if you pound on tab or ur other hotkeys though they won’t register until the enemy is a couple units away from firing range.

OH! and there’s another problem! Alot of the time the targetting hotkeys don’t even register!! You can pound on the key and it won’t recognize the enemy… will only recognize that stupid pve bird and the maybe the dumb wall….but not the thing standing there firing at you.

And as well half the time I don’t even know what I have targetted without planting a marker on it! The target you have…‘targetted’ is so indistinct from the millions of other parts of the red blob on ur screen.

Its like looking at a where’s waldo picture, holding a gun, firing the gun, and the bullet auto-aiming itself at waldo.
Its become the most backwards system I’ve ever seen in a game…

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Vendor All Minor Runes

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Posted by: Icethorn.6570


The Vendors should have an option which allows the player to quickly vendor all the Minor Runes and Sigils in their inventory.

Besides being a button at the merchant you could also put a UI option when you right click on a minor rune or sigil that says “Vendor all minor”

This would greatly alleviate trash in a player’s inventory.

Constantly salvaging leaves lots of this sort of unnecessary junk behind. No one uses them anymore. Just see how many are sitting unpurchased in the TP. Some Minor Runes like Grenth are up to 42,000 wasted runes sitting the TP which no one wants.

How many Precursors have you found?

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Posted by: DoomKnightMax.6592


My wallet found 2 on the trading post.

WvW is dead.

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Posted by: MaLeVoLenT.8129


JQ still thinks they are gods given right to Tier 1, and it’s okay to hold all of WvW hostage because they have 4 SEA guilds that refuse to move. It’s not Arena Nets fault you’ve lost all your NA guilds, again.. AND you can expect NA guilds to flock there and deal with that.

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auto loot in wvw not working

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Posted by: Turamarth.3248


Have you enabled Autoloot: Autopickup and Autoloot: Quick Interact in the options?

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Remove Boonshare, It's gonna break WvW

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Posted by: Spurnshadow.3678


I just keep hearing a bunch of I want to spam all my skills and not have to think about anything, co-ordinate anything, or do what it takes to win.

Blackgate Native. It takes tremendous strength and skill to pull a lever.

I love listening to Asura as they scream >:)

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Posted by: Crowley.8761


I’m glad you’ve found a game that appeals to and hopefully satisfies your masochistic side. Makes the world safer for the rest of us.

Let’s Talk Scoring…

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Posted by: dzeRnumbrd.6129


Did any of you whining about OCX/SEA being discriminated against even read the initial post? It says prime time will tick some modifier (3 in the example) and the other time slots will tick anywhere from 3 to 1, depending on the population.

If you guys who are saying some server’s OCX/SEA outnumber their prime time then it is likely you will still tick the same as prime time (3). However your blow out ppt from pvding won’t be as high because the scoring will be standardized.

Winning the skirmishes in off peak times will still matter it just won’t decide matches anymore.

Consider this scenario:

Server A: Stacked with NA players, poor SEA
Server B: Stacked with SEA players, poor NA

A gets rolled during SEA time, plenty of PVD from server B.
B gets rolled during NA time, plenty of PVD from server A.

There are mismatched prime times from both sides, both sides are blowing out ppt and both are doing PVD – only at different times during the 24 hour period.

Answer me, why does A get to contribute more just because they are in the North American time zone?

Let’s Talk Scoring…

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Posted by: Dawdler.8521


TingleTangle, I think making ppk ~50% of the points is exactly what we want.

- It will ally the prime time guilds with scouts and defenders. No longer will fights barely contribute to the matchup. Even if the guilds don’t care about the points they will still be signifiucantly helping those that do.

- Having run the numbers using, historic data for, EU, NA, top and bottom of the league, at 5ppk the prime time 4 hours will score about 75%-100% more than 4 hours with just a handful, as opposed to only about 15%-30% now. It will be worth trying to earn points because it won’t all be outdone by a tiny number a few hours later. It should make the scoring more relevant to all.

- If another time zone has its own prime-time it can contribute every bit as much to the matchup.

- In so much as anyone cares about the score, it will actually reduce blobbing IMO. Right now blobs make a massive contribution to the score through ppt. With more ppk, rolling over objectives unopposed will contribute less. Instead, winning proper fights will be the way to amass points. Servers that want to win matchups will need to improve their fighting skills, not just blob numbers, especially off-peak.

But the great thing about ppk is the systems are already in place for it. It should be very easy to change the multiplier. If 5ppk did turn out to have undesired consequences it could be easily reduced to 3 or 4. On the other hand, we might even decide we want it to be 6 or 7 points per kill and guarantee that the points per hour in a busy time period (whenever that might be and whatever players bring it about) will be more than double a dead period, which seems very reasonable.

When PPK become a major factor to the score, players will start to blaim their own side directly for loosing the game, creating a toxic instead of a fun enviroment. Not a generic “why dont we PPT more?!”. It will be “why did you die you tool, gtfo of WvW” and they point finger at specific players. I already hear commanders say that but at the end of the fight its always just a matter of picking yourself up and trying again. With PPT being a major factor, commanders will simply go “nope we cant afford another loss with these noobs” and that’s the end of fights on that border for all 3 sides. GG. The game now isnt fun anymore.

Let’s Talk Scoring…

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Posted by: Skynet.7201


Oh god this is going to alienate a lot of people, and make them feel like what they contribute isn’t worth while, driving more people away from WvW. Please do not make one time zone of scoring worth more than any other time. And this is coming from a NA prime time player. Last thing we need is people leaving WvW again.

+1 Let’s not give people excuse to stack NA servers and desert bottom tier combinations to have higher chance to win..

I agree. WvW is going back into the rabbit hole again.

I didn’t vote at all, didn’t like either option. Period. As I said on the voting thread, there are PLENTY of other things that should have been addressed, and need to be addressed, before “scoring” or QoL.

And yet, there wasn’t a third option of “something else” with instructions to make a suggestion. Nope. Scoring or QoL. Either/or. Pick one. And deal with it.

And that’s where things get out of touch.

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Let’s Talk Scoring…

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Posted by: Persephone.7436


Lets talk about making score count less because you dont play at the same time everyone else does.

This is the kind of thing i come to expect from areanet. You either dont care what WvW people think or you have no clue. i suspect it is that you dont care enough to have a clue.

Post a pic of your character only if your armor is mix-n-match

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Posted by: Seraphina.6859


I’ve changed the look of my sylvari ranger:

shoulders: nightmare court collar
chest: nightshade coat
gloves: nightshade gloves
legs: firstborn leggings
boots: firstborn boots

The dyes I used:
deep glacial teal, Glint’s purview, shiver sky, enameled sky


Taimi should have been a boy?

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Posted by: Felahr.9830


This is completely a nonissue. How about we rejoice that we got a bunch of interesting, well developed characters, instead of hand wringing over what genitalia they have.

[Satire] My New Game: Outside

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Posted by: ArchonWing.9480


I hate outside. I heard the endgame sucked.

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[Satire] My New Game: Outside

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Posted by: Just a flesh wound.3589

Just a flesh wound.3589

Ohhh it’s unlocked. O.o

I’ve been thinking about that game, and here’s some more observations.

1) the Personal Story is awful.
You get a story about 2 NPCs, Rick and Jane, and their dog Spot (I guess one of them is a Ranger. The story didn’t say) There’s no real story line and the dialog is written on a first grade level. Seriously. It’s awful. All they did in the whole Personal Story was run around and throw the ball for the dog. I went through the complete story in 5 minutes flat. And no rewards either, except a useless gold star from my teacher.

2) there’s an NPE called schools, but it takes too long to learn anything and they refuse to give you guns or knives or teach you how to use them. You have to buy them and that’s p2w right there. Another point about the NPE. It’s run by a bunch of carebear PvEers. You tell them you want to make gold by ganking and looting and they act like you’re some sort of weird axe murderer.

Side note: does anyone happen to play this game and know where I can get a cheap starter axe? Pm me in that game if you do. My char name is, Xx I Wanna Kill U Xx. Thanks.

3) gold is too hard to get.
I killed all sorts of mobs, no drops. Even more annoying, the other players think they own these mobs and chase you off and try to grief you. If you file a support ticket about it, Support acts like you’re the one at fault and sends you suspension notes called Restraining Orders (which I ignored). Since, the main way for me to to get gold through my chosen playstyle at low levels was to PvP and loot the bodies, I tried that. I crept up behind a player character harvesting a farm and attempted to gank him, but all the filthy casuals around him got all upset about it and chased me off. Then they called in the antigank guild, The Police, and I was forced to hide in some woods for a long time.

Comment: those people are strange. They were all bent out of shape about a little PvP like they’ve got something personal against it. Don’t they know that this game is play how you want? It’s not fair that they try to stop me.

4) the Devs FREAKING turn off the lights for 12 hours a day! That’s a load of crock. They must be trying to save money on server costs but they charge you for everything they can. They have to be pulling in big bucks and all the costs are outrageous. They’re just incredibly greedy. No two ways about it.

5) mounts are too hard to get.
It wasn’t fair!!!! Everyone but me had a low level bike mount or an high level car mount but after a day of killing mobs and trying to PvP, I didn’t have a copper to my name.

6) Game doesn’t reward you for equal effort.
I wanted to earn my gold by PvPing. The game’s rewards need to be set for better rewards from PvP and remove the low level obstructions. The antigank guild needs to be sanctioned for interfering with legitimate PvP. In addition, the schools should give you knives and handguns in the first class. You shouldn’t be expecting you to start PvPing with rocks and whatever you can pick up. I’m not expecting assault rifles at low levels but it’s not fair that I don’t have decent weapons starting off. This needs to be fixed.

7) It also has some bugs. I tried to enter an empty house to get loot but pressing F by the door did nothing. Made a ticket about it to Support. They said the house owners had complained about me and sent me another Restraining Order (which I ignored).

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