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What's the biggest mistake you've ever done?

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Posted by: Sirendor.1394


Buy this game… the hype was too stronk.

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Mini Tybalt is a girl

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Posted by: AngelMouse.7345


Ah, so…

transforming into Demmi DID have side effects.

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So.. SAB

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Posted by: Piogre.2164


I agree, it’s time to petition Anet.



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[Suggestion] Mounts?

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Posted by: Romo.3709


It´s about time the word “mount” gets the kitten-treatment in here I say!

I swear this link has 100% relevancy to this topic.

I think this picture has much more relevancy:


WvW Glossary (Tongue firmly in cheek)

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Posted by: Friday.9078


PUSH : a term the Commander will use to signal a headlong rush into the enemy zerg. You should stand dead still and wonder who is having a baby there on the battlefiled, then melt as their front-line runs over you.
BANNER : the dying shriek of the Commander when only two people pushed with him.

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Please oh Please ANet, lift the AoE Cap!

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Posted by: Deli.1302


The skill lag is bad enough. Don’t need to make it worse.

Need help Locating Rich Iron and Plat.

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Posted by: Tom Gore.4035

Tom Gore.4035

Guess someone cant be bothered to explore maps properly.

Why would you want the locations of these nodes.. is there a more sinister reason behind the need, isn’t the node grab hack program up to date enough so needs some location tweaks…. ANET really needs to start shuffling node locations much more randomly than they do currently, make players actually do what’s meant to be done.. go find things on maps not empower the easymode factions.

No they need to stop adding gear that takes stupid amounts of resources to create.

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Legendary are already meaningless

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Posted by: chemiclord.3978


If you don’t think that winning (or finishing highly) in this coming tournament, especially considering the number of hours the winning team will put into this competition, isn’t going to take a lot of time and effort… there’s nothing I or anyone can tell you that you won’t dismiss either.

These rewards are perfectly acceptable, and I’d dare say long overdue for the PvP players. Stop whining.

Legendary of choice for 1st place pvp tourney

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Posted by: Junkpile.7439


This thread is awesome. Janitor whining that golf pro have better car and bigger house.

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Legendary of choice for 1st place pvp tourney

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Posted by: Seven Star Stalker.1740

Seven Star Stalker.1740

This thread is quite funny, I must admit it.

I honestly think they shouldn’t be rewarding winners with a Legendary. Not because it’s unfair for the people who have got it the regular way, but because of what it actually represents.
It would be much better to give them some exclusive cool skin that, unlike a Legendary, could mean something for the playerbase that values what they do (or give them a bunch of money so they can buy the Legendary if they want, which I doubt). To each his own.


I mean, You’re five people that got this skin. Can you be more exclusive than that..?

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Legendary of choice for 1st place pvp tourney

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Posted by: cranked.3812


You all have been complaining for ages about a new way to obtain a legendary that actually requires skill rather than mindless farming and now you got it and you are complaining because you aren’t good enough at the game. Give me a break

I think this pretty much sums it up right here.

Legendary of choice for 1st place pvp tourney

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Posted by: Shadowrainer.8321


When I first seen a legendary was a 1st place reward, I was like what? Seriously? How over the top!

But then I realized how many hours people like 55 HP monks, Cheese Mode players (RIP), or the rank 70 players, who have dumped thousands of hours into the game, with no major shiny to gloat about except a finisher…wow.

MEANWHILE! Jimmy the Warrior who farmed the most utterly braindead content, that required absolutely no skill, effort, or pre-thought to it walks around in multiple gear sets, multiple legendaries with half of the total played time of the sort of people who actually stand a chance of wining this tournament.

I don’t want to be “that guy” but the high end PvP requires far more effort, and skill than standing in a corner slapping an npc.

Legendary of choice for 1st place pvp tourney

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Posted by: Locuz.2651


For me personally these rewards are unacceptable.
Way too rewarding for doing just over the course of a few days some few minute battles and gettign rewarded with something, that takes other players that are mostly no pvp’ers like an eternity to get….

The guys that have a chance to win this are players that practiced their classs and the gamemode for 1000s of hours. These are arguably some of the most hardcore players in the game. Ask a rank 70 pvper how many matches he played and his answer well be around 15000 … at 10-15 minutes each. These guys played this game for 4000-5000 hours since release and they have nothing to show for besides a pretty phoenix finisher.

And its 5 of the best of those guys so its not even a certainty unlike in PvE. Where every random person can grind for it and will get it eventually. Hell ive seen PvEers with an entire collection of legendaries. And you complain about 5 individuals that win a single legendary via a global pvp tournament after practicing since release pretty much.

Im literally disgusted that people complain about that.

Legendary of choice for 1st place pvp tourney

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Posted by: Mireles Lore.5942

Mireles Lore.5942

Are people seriously insinuating that winning 1st place in a PvP tournament takes less effort than farming/saving for a legendary?

Anyone can farm/save for a legendary, not everyone will be able to win a pvp tournament. Its about time they started adding real rewards in sPvP. Just because it isn’t your preference and rewards something you would want doesn’t make it bad, just makes you jelly.

Just because people don’t enjoy a certain mode doesn’t mean people that do shouldn’t have desirable rewards. It doesn’t affect you at all and nothing is stopping people from competing except their own mentalities.

If its so effortless and easier than other methods, why not jump on it?

A a legendary is far from representing all aspects of a game…. considering if you have enough laurels and earned enough achievement points, the only thing u have to do in WvW is walk around in it. Should is represent all aspects? absolutely, but that will have to cover sPvP as well which it currently does not, which its why it makes since to reward the best sPvP team with one. Its a totally optional reward which in no way dictates your characters performance or ability.

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Musical Instuments from the Gem Store

in Black Lion Trading Co

Posted by: Lightyears.8624


Directed towards the players out there who play music in real life:

Does the “delay” on using these things bug anybody else? When I go to hit a note, I have to wait for my character to make the animation to play the note, after pressing the key, before it actually comes out.

For musicians, timing is everything, and with the notes not coming out as soon as I hit the key, it kind of kills the ability to play music for me.

I’ve bought all 3 of the instruments in the shop, and have a hearty stash of choir bells, and all of them seem to be affected by this.

I’m sure that I could, over time, get used to the delay and be able to play songs normally. But for now it’s really frustrating trying to play these things and not be able to keep in time.

@Anet do you think we could ever get this instruments changed so they function more like “use” items (instant effect) and less like skills (effect happens at a set point in an animation). It would save the musicians out there a lot of hair loss.

Maybe I’m just really sad that I can whip out a Mariner’s Horn and start belting Simon’s Theme when we break into a castle in WvW without it sounding like a train wreck.

Am I the only one experiencing this?

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Posted by: John Smith.4610

John Smith.4610

Well…thats basically a “never use this place again.”
Seriously this is insane, the only salvage you can get from this thing is a copper ore, and the item itself is the single most common salvage item I have gotten in this game(I’ve been to four started areas now,) how an item can be worth three times the cost of what you get from salvaging it is beyond me.

But yeah, I am not going to use a system where I am forced to sell for some insane overinflated BS price just because, thats both a terrible economy, and something I don’t plan on participating in.

Hey Videogamermike, not sure if you know me, but I’m John Smith and I’m the Economist here at Guild Wars 2. I think I may be able to explain some of your confusion.

It sounds like what you’re thinking about is the Labor Theory of Value, which is essentially an item’s value is defined by how long it takes to make or get. This is not an invalid theory, but it usually only holds up when the item in question doesn’t have substitutes or alternatives. In GW2, many of the items can be converted into another item and many of the items have multiple conversion into themselves. This means that there a many alternative ways to obtain a single item. This means that the value of all these items will be determined by the market, not by the value of labor since there isn’t a single value of labor involved.

Am I the only one experiencing this?

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Posted by: mtpelion.4562


I am usually not a person who likes/defeneds the economy of this game, but the OP made me laugh,

Yeah, this is seriously the first time I’ve ever seen someone upset that people are trying to give him more money than he wants for something.

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Whats life like on the bad servers?

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Posted by: Straegen.2938


Actual screenshot in T4 server:


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Northern Shiverpeaks Position in Season?

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Posted by: insanemaniac.2456


omg thread made it to page 2 without being locked

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GW1-era LA is gone forever

in Battle for Lion’s Arch - Aftermath

Posted by: MithranArkanere.8957


Finally, time to actually move on with GW2 lore instead of trying to make it an enhanced version of GW1.

Great move, although don’t you dare touch the Eye of the North or the Crystal Desert in such a way >.>

So when the Eye of the North becomes a pile of rubble after a dragon minion attack and the crystal desert’s oasis and sands become a boring and depressing purple tar pit, remember us telling you “I told you so”.

No exceptions!

GW1-era LA is gone forever

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Posted by: sorudo.9054


firstly, EotN was added in response of GW2, no GW2 and you would’ve never seen the 3 other races.

So, um. Charr didn’t exist until Eye of the North?

let’s count.

oh wait, that’s 3, the number i just said…….read for ones -_-

GW1-era LA is gone forever

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Posted by: Stormcrow.7513


Kinda like the whole GW2 franchise. Art mirrors life.

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April Fools Speculations

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Posted by: Kal Spiro.9745

Kal Spiro.9745

Yeah, I don’t care about April Fools jokes, I want SAB World 3. Give me SAB twice a year, I’ll be happy.

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April Fools Speculations

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Posted by: Boysenberry.1869


On April 1st Lion’s Arch reopens to the unveiling of a brand new statue: Trahearne, Hero of Lion’s Arch!

April Fools Speculations

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Posted by: RoRo.8270


sab world 3


April Patch : "Facilitating Friendly Play"

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Posted by: Nike.2631


I’d say none of that has to do with friendly play .

The ability to rez other people (and be rewarded for doing so), to not have to fight over resource nodes, the general function that everyone on your server is on your side… these things are friendly play.

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So.. No account bound WXP?

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Posted by: Malediktus.9250


Account wide WXP was “almost ready” for the January patch, so I have no clue why it cant be ready 3 months later? Maybe they should get their priorities straight.

Its something an intern should be able to program in a few hours.

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So.. No account bound WXP?

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Posted by: Asami.3572


I like how fixing a dolyaks path to hills from the SE camp took priority…

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Devs, Rekindle Our Hope.

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Posted by: Azgarn.2145


So I’m sure a lot of people are pretty curious as to what is going on with wvw, account wxp, and a various other things that were not dealt with in this patch as we were hoping. It would be greatly appreciated by a lot of your players if you gave us a little bit of hope. A small description of what or when changes will be coming. If there will be class balancing soon. Rune and sigil revamps. Let us know what is going on.

Please don’t keep us in the dark on these things anymore. You guys used to be great and keep us informed. Now it seems a majority feels neglected as we have no idea what the near future of this game holds, and I sense that a lot of people are not looking towards the future positively. Ignoring us is only going to make things worse.

I know this thread probably won’t get a reply from a dev, but imagine a world where people felt like they were cared about. Wouldn’t that be a great place? A world where people could play a MMO and not have to debate if anyone is listening to their imput anymore. A world where the game loved us and much as we love the game. A world where I can continue to pretend I’m a hero with a magical greatsword that’s a window into space. A world that we want to save.

(yeah, trying to make a jab to the feels there)

Give us hope. Give us an answer to if anything better is coming soon.

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