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Team that wins should get 3 gold

in The Edge of the Mists

Posted by: Buddy.7563


Welcome to the wonderful rewards of WvW. Where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter.

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Living (Story) in a Griefer's Paradise?

in The Edge of the Mists

Posted by: chronometria.3708


You say griefing, we say war.

WvW players get poor loot and are forced into content they often don’t like just to get the very weapons they fight with. Long have we been the second class citizens of guildwars 2 and when content is added for us, its usually when something (orbs, quaggans) is taken away.

WvW keeps this game alive. The transfer fees paid by wvw guild migration are considerable and as structured-pvp is rapidly dieing out, wvw is where the pvp side of this game is headed. When Wildstar comes out, WvW will be what holds this game together, or what sinks it if a better home for us is offered. Its about time we got some kudos for the things we do to keep the pve side of the game alive.

So I say unto those venturing into the edge of the mists – come armed and come determined enough that when you fall, you get back up and you hunt out the one who felled you so that you can drive him or her from the mists and into the hands of Grenth himself.

The time to ignore us is over – you`re in our world now.

EOTM the aspect of killing another

in The Edge of the Mists

Posted by: Mishva.9416


Gonna have so much fun stomping pve carebears, get ready to be spawn camped and zerg busted for days!

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EOTM the aspect of killing another

in The Edge of the Mists

Posted by: Deli.1302


I’m planning on killing as many pve achievement hunters as I possibly can.

EOTM the aspect of killing another

in The Edge of the Mists

Posted by: Meglobob.8620


You are going to be matched up with all servers of your colour that week.

You will have hundreds of allies but also hundreds of enemy players. The enemy players will try to kill you, because to them your a walking loot bag…no offence…I will be a walking loot bag to the other 2 enemy colours.

Its fun.

You may die a lot but you will eventually get your achievements done and who knows you may like it and have fun.

WvW players will have a advantage, as they will be used to the fighting in large zergs, also some are excellent at using siege weapons and they do not care about achievements or living story. So there main aim is to farm the enemy zergs for loot bags.

See you on the battlefield…

Thoughts on EotM and PvE content

in The Edge of the Mists

Posted by: Tommyknocker.6089



Why would u not challange yourself?

i don’t get the dislike for pvp

Challenge is arbitrary at best, to some being in the top 10 of the leader boards is the only reason for existing. For others, like myself, I’m happy to just blow off a bit of steam killing the monsters of the wild while enjoying the scenery. The motives of players can shift drastically, hence it is a good thing we have so many choices in GW2.

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Thoughts on EotM and PvE content

in The Edge of the Mists

Posted by: Alukah.2063


Wait and see, if it will be what I’m thinking I’m not doing this LS.

Feb 4 Patch - EOTM

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Vena.8436


I for one welcome our new PvEer-bags.

Sooner than expected, happy to have it.

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Feb 4 Patch - EOTM

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Meglobob.8620


How funny…this is going to be like the film 300 where the WvW players are going to push the PvE players off the cliffface by the 1,000’s…

OMG the loots bags…

Can see it now set up the siege to herd the PvE’s to the cliffs then PvE player geddon…

I think I am going to love the next living story instalment…

Daily feast is out of whack

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Lord Kuru.3685

Lord Kuru.3685

No, but it’s something that happens for ~1s every time it’s a daily and I’ve stopped by the TP.

Next thing you know people’ll be complaining about the laurel vendor daily.

OMG! I know, right. I, like, never go there to see the laurel dude and then BAM all the sudden I have to go all the way out of my way. It positively ruins my immersion. Game breaking really.

Wow. Reading comprehension FTL.

Jan 21st WvW Patch Update

in WvW

Posted by: Valheru Baal.9456

Valheru Baal.9456

Are there any news about renaming the Outnumbered buff again? You know just to shake things up a little bit and keep WvW fresh.

Said no WvW player ever

in WvW

Posted by: Flamu.2319


“I’m glad arenanet takes WvW into consideration when they balance PvE”

Said no WvW player ever

in WvW

Posted by: fett.9573


They locked and deleted it since some of the responses (accurate ones no less) were not praising them.

Map Completion - Metrics on Player Anger?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Farming Flats.5370

Farming Flats.5370

well i crated 3 legendary weapon and i have 3 Toons with 100 % world … im working currently on 100% on toon #4.

I crafted my first legendary in December 2012 .. at that time Badge of honors was harder to get … today at each 500 AP you get hundreds of badges in the achievement chest …

Its so much easier today to craft a legendary weapon .. so swallow the pill. WvW map completion need to stay …. can’t do it ? you don’t deserve it . that’s it !

LFG tool : Group Merging

in Fractals, Dungeons & Raids

Posted by: spoj.9672


playing well will keep you from getting kicked. Rare that a player kicks for anything but bad players.


Zerker nerfed, allow us to swap asc gear

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Mario Lemieux.9107

Mario Lemieux.9107

Is simple: stop DEBUFFING. Players dont like to hear “you will do less damage” “you will now loot less” “you will now be less interested in our game”

Stop taking things AWAY from players.

For goodness sakes, why was it IMPOSSIBLE to just freakin BUFF the other stat combos??? Slightly BUFF the power/prec/crit dmg, or whatever else is viable, for the other stat sets?!?!

Abominable decision here. Wonder how many will consider this their last straw with Anet.

Another example: (quote from dulfy) “We moved stat weights to later bonuses (i.e. 4, 5, 6) so people don’t use mix-match rune bonuses.”

Why? Let people be creative and mix and match. Why the hell would you do this?
You might as well not let us mix and match armor skins.
While you’re at it, only 1 dye color per armor set.

Gosh this game has come a long way…down.

Why not add Duel.

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Kamikazi.5380


As I PvEer myself I can without any hesitation say that the most obnoxious, “leet-speaking,” trash talking, rude, chat spamming players I have ever encountered in an online game have been other PvEers.

I would not likely ever use a duel feature if it were implemented. I can count on one hand the number of open world duels in which I have participated in another game I have played for the last four and half years. But I hope that you duelists can get this feature added for your enjoyment. I hope that PvPers would not oppose the addition of new dungeons because so many participating in this sort of PvE content are obnoxious, elitist, jerks.

This post is probably one of the most unbiased and truthful one in this thread; I agree with you. I cannot begin to count how many times people trash talk, flame, and be a general kitten in dungeons, most notably Fractals and Arah. All my friends only run with each other or people they know instead of pugging, so you know there’s an issue here. That is the nature of players, regardless of any game be it PvE or PvP.

I’m not going to deny I’ve run into toxic players in WvW, usually inviting you to party after you stomped them to send you a flurry of insults. I’ve made many friends, even from other servers, from dueling alone where we come to respect each other, and share build commentaries and experiences. It’s a great feeling to roam around a BL, meet an enemy and engage in a duel that lasts forever, then invite each other to party and thank the other for a good fight.

Full DPS zerker

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: MrDmajor.7084


DPS Wars 2.

Nerfing crit damage doesn’t make any other build more viable. Making other builds more viable makes other builds more viable. Period.

ArenaNet does NOT play Guild Wars 2. This can’t be.

Why not add Duel.

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Kaizer.7135


All the reasons people are listing that oppose dueling being added are some of the dumbest things I’ve ever read.

Why not add Duel.

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Ashen.2907


it’s not about your ability to auto deny duels !
it’s about immersion and how PVE dueling goes against the established lore, all races cooperating with each other instead of fighting each other.

The established lore involves having to challenge members of the other races to duels in order to convince them to join in the crusade against the dragons. Anet specifically chose to include PvE dueling in the lore. Also not all members of all races are cooperating.

Why not add Duel.

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Posted by: Aeonblade.8709


This thread reads as “I don’t want it so nobody else should get it either!” stamp feet pout throw tantrum

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Another lesbian relationship?

in Lore

Posted by: Rym.1469


Logan with Jennah is another lesbian relationship tb

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Map Completion - Metrics on Player Anger?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: GrandmaFunk.3052


I want to get this new car but the stupid dealership is coercing me into giving them money for it, wtf?

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The final battle needs a revamp

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: KingEsoteric.2067


No, the current battle is fine…but ADD TO IT. He falls, then suddenly you and the party are pulled into the mists, where you fight the essence of him. You do a 1 minute curbstomp where he won’t take damage and devastates your party, only for your mentor to appear in death to give you the very thing you need to damage and resist Zhaitan. Cue epic battle with a humanoid form of Zhaitan, that has several phases. Upon his death, you have a tearful farewell with your mentor, and then are thrown back onto the airship, where there’s another cutscene before it gives you the “dungeon completed” thing.

In other words, make it so we know Zhaitan is dead because we killed basically his otherworldy essence/soul/whatever. It also gives us closure with our mentor and one hell of an epic battle.

That’s corny as all hell. Even cornier than the PS itself, which is saying something.

Your top 5 design mistakes in GW2?

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Posted by: scerevisiae.1972


I don’t think there’d be many (any?) people who played GW1 who don’t feel that a number of design mistakes were made in GW2.

My list:

  • Downed state in PVP zones. Adds nothing to the game but detracts a lot. It’s annoying, disrupts the flow of combat, introduces imbalance and farcical rally situations.
  • Fixed weapon skills. Far too restrictive for me, pigeonholes weapons into roles & can causes whole weapons to be ruined because of just 1 bad skill.
  • No resource system. Has caused GW2 combat to be all about spamming skills/dodges.
  • Removal of skill capturing (signet of capture). One of the best & debatably most game-defining features of the first game, I cannot fathom the logic of why it was elided from GW2.
  • Addition of ascended gear after release. Massive PR blunder. Pushed the game into a grind corner it has yet to escape from.
downed state is bad for PVP

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Map Completion - Metrics on Player Anger?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: The Scarlet Raven.5416

The Scarlet Raven.5416

Here’s my feelings on the subject.

I’m basically a PvE’er that dabbles in WvW a bit. I’m not good at PvP and generally don’t enjoy it. If i’m caught out on the map alone pretty much any half-decent PvP’er can take me down, but I’ll spend time as a “mindless zergling” having fun on the map, taking keeps and earning points. I have 100% map completion on 3 characters and I did it mostly by solo roaming, or roaming with a friend over the course of about 2 months.

However, I understand Wreave’s argument and I respect his position. Basically, he’s saying that he feels ArenaNet is coercing him into a WvW map and he doesn’t like that! Therefore he’s rebeling and refusing to enter WvW on principle. That’s his choice. I’d like to encourage him to change his mind and try it out once. He may absolutely hate it, but then again, he may not.

On the other hand, I don’t understand the argument of “ArenaNet is forcing me to PvP and I don’t like that!!!!!” Guess what? They aren’t. You can finish 100% map without ever PvP’ing. Ever. Even if you’re on a bad server. Several of the points (the ones within Keeps, Garrisons and Stonemist) are accessible without ever leaving a “safe zone” if your server has built a waypoint in those areas. Several more are in “open map” areas that you can run to and tag without breaking down enemy forts. Others will be in towers that your server owns and you can make a mad dash into those towers. Its really not as dangerous on these maps as it sounds. There aren’t enemy commandos hiding in every bush waiting to pounce on the poor unsuspecting PvE’er.

If you truly hate PvP and don’t ever ever want to encounter an enemy player that’s fine. You can fully map these zones without seeing an enemy. It will just take you longer to do so than someone who participates in the action.

Map Completion - Metrics on Player Anger?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Xenon.4537


God forbid you get an achievement which calls for playing the game by actually playing the game. I understand you don’t like WvW or PvP, but you are not entitled to any achievement, or any thing in the game for that matter. Map completion is a feat which shows you have been throughout the entirety of Guild Wars 2, and part of Guild Wars 2 is WvW. It’s part of the game. It just is. You don’t have to go there if you don’t want to, but that achievement is reserved for people who do go there and overcome the challenges it brings.

noun: achievement; plural noun: achievements

1. A thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill.
“to reach this stage is a great achievement”
synonyms: attainment, realization, accomplishment, fulfillment, implementation, execution, performance;

P.S. I would add to that definition “overcoming a challenge” as part of an achievement.

PvE > WvW

in WvW

Posted by: mango.9267


What does the average player find easier?

Lupicus, Alphard, or WvW zerging?

That’s a pretty leading question. I could ask what the average player finds easier:

15v15 GvG’s, taking a fortified Hills from 40 defenders, or CoF P1?

Obviously, there’s easy content in both WvW and PvE. Yeah, soloing Lupi might take more skill than mashing 1 in an 60 man blob PvDooring everything down, but that’s not to say PvE requires more skill than WvW.

The reason I prefer WvW, and the reason I think WvW ultimately requires “more skill” is just that PvE content is, for the most part, static. World bosses are often mash-1-fests. We’ve killed Teq without turrets, and we’ve solo’d Lupi with bearbows, kitten . WvW, on the other hand, is always dynamic. And every balance patch creates new metas for both organized GvG’s and solo roamers. You have to constantly adapt to new servers and new situations, and you can go from crushing other servers to being outnumbered in an hour due to a few bad calls.

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Map Completion - Metrics on Player Anger?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Ceridwen.6703


As has already been pointed out these types of threads pop up occasionally, as people only want the easy option. Its exactly the same as the thirst slayer achievement topic that surfaces from time to time, ’ ohhh booo hooo, I dont want to press the mouse button 100, 000 times, how can i do it the easy way’—-simple answer is, you cant, work for it!

The problem is, that you’re trying to justify an inconvenience, by saying it’s challenging. On the contray. There is nothing challenging about waiting, literally for months, for a chance at getting a POI.

A lot of fanboys in here are forgetting, that it was easier during the first few months, before they changed WvW into a ranking system. Now it’s much harder, because the matches are way more balanced, and it comes down to a chance of RNG, and not skill.

I’m not a fanboy, not by a long shot. Wrong gender for one. And I’ve had the experience of doing this when free transfers were available and when rankings weren’t a thing, and just two days ago (at the time of writing). A free transfer and no rankings issues, by the way, made it quicker, that’s all. That’s quick, not necessarily easier.

As noted by others, perhaps one real issue is then the colour changes (or lack thereof) at match-up.

WvW isn’t especially hard to complete in itself. It’s very possible to solo, you just have to deal with the fact that in places, the red things are that bit smarter than PvE mobs, and run in herds. But you too can run in a herd for cover if you need to. If you want the achievement quicker, that’s certainly one way to do it. You know, you spend much more time doing PvE completion. And if you took a small time in each play session to visit WvW along the way, things might be a bit different. You need not spend weeks solely concentrated on this.

Adapting to the environment is something you have most likely being doing in PvE anyway, right? I mean, looking at changing your set-up depending on what you’re largely facing, yes? Looking at changing weapon sets or armor stats, and so on? You may or may not have to do that in WvW, your build dependent. I’m personally pretty clueless when it comes to that, which is why I just deal with my dying by getting up and carrying on. Or saving it for another day.

Been There, Done That is not a WvW achievement or a PvE achievement. It’s an achievement for having done both and the problem here is thinking it’s simply PvE. It’s not, it never was, and for those who the concept of WvW is anathema*, you should simply chalk this one up to experience, and move on. If you’re unsure of WvW, it’s worth stepping in and seeing what you can do. If you’re prepared to adapt, even just a little, then you could be pleasantly surprised.

*You should all know, I hated its concept only slightly less than the usual PvP (which I have since stepped into, and found was okay, although I don’t think I’ll be back). Until I went in the WvW maps – because I wanted that achievement at all costs! – and found it wasn’t so bad. Being scared of something without direct knowledge is a pox on humankind, fear of the unknown is the great stupid we all have to defeat, simply, perhaps flippantly, put. At least in this particular case of PvErs into WvW, there is a chance for fun whilst getting over ourselves in the process.

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Search tool still useless

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Posted by: Stand The Wall.6987

Stand The Wall.6987

Its a basic tool that should be effective.

Search now applies to titles instead of random words in a post.
Search has filter for most recent, most views/posts, most upvotes.
Search can accept some keywords to narrow it down.

Please update this.

Team Deathmatch for PvP – Raise the AoE cap for WvW – More unique events for PvE