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Map Completion - Metrics on Player Anger?

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Posted by: GrizzlyTank.3145


A lot of special snowflakes in here, or people suffering from stockholm syndrome…

But seriously, i Anet wan’t someone to play WvW, forcing them to do it through the map completion is not the proper way.

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Fractals: A Deplorable State

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Posted by: Kilandros.2098


I defended ANet leading up to the Fractured! update. Resetting our progress, I said, was a fair trade for revised Fractal difficulties, leaderboards, and improved rewards. But ANet has not delivered on any of those promises.

Fractal Leaderboards: I neither wanted nor particularly still want this feature. But where is it? You claimed that the Leaderboard was the reason necessitating progress reset—our progress has indeed been reset, so where is it? It’s been OVER a month and a half. Please—PLEASE—explain why you had to reset our progress to facilitate a feature we don’t even have.

Rewards: Data has strongly suggested that the drop rate of weapon skins has been nerfed (not to mention skin boxes not even being in game). Why? The biggest complaint leading up to Fractured! was that Fractal rewards are not commensurate with the amount of time it takes to run a set of Fractals.

Bugs: Fractal daily chests are currently bugged across all difficulties and may not be awarded. How has this not been fixed?

It absolutely blows my mind that the update to “improve” Fractals has actually made them worse in every conceivable way. Would a Dev care to shed some light on the thinking behind this (ongoing) situation? Would it be too much trouble to address these issues and provide some transparency?

Erasing our progress meant players had to commit dozens of hours to reclaim that progress, but a Dev cannot take 20 minutes to comment on what ANet is REALLY doing with Leaderboards? What ANet REALLY did to weapon skin drops? What ANet is REALLY doing about bugs?

It would take someone TWENTY minutes to draft something explaining what’s really going on and put it on the forums. Don’t have an ETA on leaderboards? Come up with something. I don’t demand much from Developers, but when you erase progress with the promise of a feature, you need to deliver. This is unacceptable.

Why do you prefer wvw over pvp?

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Posted by: Cufufalating.8479


I play WvW for roaming, either solo or duo.. and I just doing whatever I want. If I see someone and want to fight, I can. I can fight them here, or there, or lure them somewhere else. I can defend a camp, attack a camp, scout a zerg, or go pug around after the commander. I can just do anything and fight in any situation I want.

PvP is fun sometimes, but I get frustrated with the constant feeling I “must” be doing something – I must be guarding home point, I must stay on this point fighting 2v1, knowing I am going to lose because its better for the team, I must fight this OP condition necro on point because if I leave the circle he wil decap it. Its just annoying fighting people in a way which is clearly the wrong way to approach the fight, but having no choice because its a conquest game not a deathmatch game.

It also doesnt help that build diversity sucks in PvP because of the amulet system. In WvW I run a hybrid build which I love, but its impossible to do in PvP. You are conditions or direct damage or both but then very GC. Theres very little middle ground for fiddling stats to your exact liking meaning 90% of people are bottled into some 1-2 builds on each class.

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When will we see dueling?

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Posted by: Scout.2781


I know that you could just 1v1 someone in an empty pvp arena, but that is besides the point. I want to see dueling added sooner rather then later, and there are several reasons why:

1. Cities need some chaos
let’s face it, in the real world, **** goes down in the city, (especially where I live,) and GW2 should be no exception. LA is a city full of brigands and pirates, but do we see people in drunk brawls? no. Do we pick a fight with that one guy who won’t stop bothering us? no. Do crowds form in a circle around a pair of players going at it? not if they can’t fight in the first place. We can’t just have a place ran by pirates be a utopia, it’s unrealistic.

2. The decision maker
Do you know how often the officers in guild debate who will roll for guild challenges? I say we have them fight to the death, loser has to roll. but that is just one scenario. I feel like having something like that would settle actual arguements and decisions alike.

3. That one guy
yes him. we all have that one guy we want to 1v1 while guildmates and bystanders alike watch it go down. I have one, and I tell him every time, when dueling comes out, he’s first

Diamond Skin is going too far.

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Posted by: dreztina.4820


yes any necro can deal 1.5k dmg to an ele, but every 9 or so seconds they can go back into water and heal back up and by that time we might as well give up since it will be a loosing battle.

Hi, welcome to how elementalists have felt when fighting necros for months and months now. Maybe if those of you crusading against DS had put some effort into getting condis nerfed down to more reasonable levels, anet wouldn’t have resorted to a hard counter.

I just dont understand how an ele can complain about conditions.
over the last month I have fought some pretty good ele’s and had duels last several min and a few even beat me so im not sure what this complain is about since other players have been able to give a tanky condi necro a run for my money why cant you?

Oh, well then. Some elementalists have beaten you in a duel. Obviously elementalists are perfectly balanced and not at all at a disadvantage vs. necros. Thanks for clearing that up.

Out of Attunement – D/D Ele

GW2 feels cold

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Posted by: VOLKON.1290


To run with the bizarre analogy in the OP, I still feel like Norm when I log in. Maybe you just need a new bar… the one I’m in keeps adding new items to the menu, new beer to the tap and the patrons are as raucous and fun loving as ever.


Something big is coming in 2014

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Posted by: Ethics.4519


Maybe we’ll have fractals leaderboards in 2014. That’s why my level was reset. Right? Right?

RIP in peace Robert

Something big is coming in 2014

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Posted by: Judge Banks.9018

Judge Banks.9018

  • Spoilers New gear tier.

2013 is over. Did they keep their promises?

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Posted by: Ethics.4519


Sigh… It’s this thread again.

You are the very reason that drives developers into not giving out any more info than what it necessary. If for one reason or another they can’t deliver that you jump on them like a pack of rabid wolves demanding them to deliver.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, deal with it.

Yes, shame on you customer for wanting to know what to expect in the future. How dare you expect them to live up to advertisements they make. Could you imagine a world where we held people accountable for things they say? It would be toxic madness!

RIP in peace Robert

HoD/CD/BP 27 Dec 2013

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Posted by: Waffler.1257


Nice zoom hacks bp, very professional. So good at this game.

You have mad AC skills, BP.

If it was a zoom hack I would be mad too. But it wasn’t. Should of noted where the ac was and what type of gate that tower has. Go try it yourself.

How does the ac in the screen I posted work, there is no gap in keep gates. Plz teach me gud AC master.

Edit: Also for the lols.

quote the right person with the right screenshot that he posted before you go goofing

No, that’s entirely my point. Waffler is so enraged that he has completely lost track of who is talking about what. Everyone he quoted is refering to Langors.

I made enhanced image just 4 u!


WvW matchup forum being wiped

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Posted by: meep.2601


this all must be part of anet’s master plan to revitalize WvW

Dec 20 - HoD/SF/FC

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Posted by: Sean.8274


Yo mama so fat, her /sit is a blast finisher

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WvW matchup forum being wiped

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Posted by: clint.5681


Carebear wars 2

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WvW matchup forum being wiped

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Posted by: iRock.7804


Stupid decision, Anet just trying to say they really dont give a kitten about WvW and trying to drive the community away from their game.


Warrior = Usain Bolt?

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Posted by: Da Sonic.6521

Da Sonic.6521

MS Paint skills yo.


Genesis Theory [GT] (HoD)

Warrior = Usain Bolt?

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Posted by: Hot Boy.7138

Hot Boy.7138

Thieves complaining about someone running away to reset a fight and are upset because you can’t do anything about it… really? lol

The End

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Posted by: kerona.3465


Maguuma’s PvFers will GvG you, ANet.

Bring your best.

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WvW matchup forum being wiped

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Posted by: Mad Rasputin.7809

Mad Rasputin.7809

Updated the backend to better give out infractions, but no mention of fixing the ‘search’ functionality of the forums.

Yeah, priorities.

LFG Tool is breaking my Spirit

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Posted by: Ethics.4519


It would never happen. It’s like the devil trying to enter a church. As soon as he/she accidently crosses the boundry, burning ensues.

Look at what happened to poor robert =(

RIP in peace Robert

Hammer no condition on auto?

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Posted by: Travis the Terrible.4739

Travis the Terrible.4739

Assuming no traits on anything warrior condis and knockdowns/backs are as followed

greatsword – 2 condis (cripple and vuln)
axe main – 2 (vuln and cripple)
axe off- 0
warhorn (off only) – 1 (weakness)
sword main – 3 (bleed, cripple and immob)
sword off- 2 (torment and bleed)
mace main – 3 (daze, stun and weakness)
mace off – 2 (vuln and knockdown)
shield (off only) – 1 (stun)
longbow – 4 (burning, bleed, immobolize and blind)
rifle – 4 (bleed, cripple, knockback and vuln)
hammer- 5 (weakness, knockdown, stun, cripple, and a knockback)

Now why does hammer auto need a condition on its auto? Of all the melee weps for warrior, only axe and hammer have no conditions attached to them as mainhand weps just damage for auto attacking. Hammer offers plenty of control effects to justify it not having super high damage or conditions. Just ignore the fact that they recently nerfed hammer burst and 4 because hammer does to much damage as well…

Follow the darkness into the depths, it’s more fun than the light can provide.

Hammer no condition on auto?

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Posted by: isendel.5049


Completely agree, hammer should have torment on autoattack, or maybe 3 or 4 stacks of confusion.

I was thinking 5 sec stun too but that might be op even in the eyes of a warrior, but if we go down from 5 to 4 i think that’s ok.

// lol

What's the point of "instance owner" ?

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Posted by: Phadde.7362


everything you said doesn’t explain why everyone is kicked when the instance opener exits the instance. Let’s talk about dungeons or fractals.

Well, if you didn’t get kicked out, people would ask others to spend a minute to open the Dungeon or Fractal Level for them and then just leave the group so that the others could find a replacement, while not worrying about having the requirements of doing the Explorable Dungeon-path or the Fractal Level in the first place.

You get kicked to preserve the integrity of the design philosophy that your group actually have to earn the rights to play at a certain Fractal Level or in an Explorable mode.

Vote for/against <dueling>:
Cred to Latinkuro
Gw2 is a masterpiece at it’s foundation. Content-wise however…

Thank you Anet for ZERO response

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Posted by: BlackenX.7386


Ranger forum: what is response?

Arenanet's stance on Youtube content ID

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Posted by: Stephane Lo Presti

Stephane Lo Presti

Content Marketing Manager, French

Hi everyone,

During the last few weeks, there have been a lot of discussions about YouTube and the hot topic lately has been policies about posting to YouTube video content that contains videogame assets. This situation is continuing to develop and we’ll be monitoring YouTube changes, but we’d like to provide some clarification on the matter of our policies.

To use assets (e.g., screenshots, footage) from our games, any content creator needs to comply with the Guild Wars 2 Terms of Use that are detailed here: These rules are pretty explicit and haven’t changed since we put them together. They define what content ArenaNet considers out of line. Content creators are not permitted to use our assets to create a commercial product and use of our assets for non-commercial purposes is permitted. Monetizing a fan-created Guild Wars 2 video on YouTube via its partner program is generally not against these Content Terms of Use, just as serving advertising (Google Ads, for instance) on a fansite is not against the Content Terms of Use.

We actually support people sharing their experiences with our game, such as Let’s Play, guides, reviews, or other types of fan videos on YouTube. We generally do not take any action against YouTube videos using our game assets. We will investigate what’s happening with the PlayNC claims. You can contact us at if you have further questions. We’re also going to start reviewing our policies to make sure they’re clear on where we stand regarding content creation. Keep in mind that this will take quite some time since it involves legal reviews.

Thanks a lot for supporting the Guild Wars 2 community by creating awesome content to show your experiences with the game!

Arenanet's stance on Youtube content ID

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Posted by: Burnfall.9573


The change will also affect us players who have or had posted guild wars 2 copyright game play videos on you tube; channel.

What i’m worried about are the builds and the walk through guide videos.

I encourage to comment on these changes.

“Our biggest story of the week has concerned the recent wave of ContentID claims against gaming YouTube channels. We initially reported that the changes would be tied to a new monetization review system for multi-channel networks that was set to debut in January. The story changed on December 10th, however, when thousands of videos across the site were flagged by ContentID.

The result has been chaos. Twitter has exploded, response videos are popping up en masse, and some creators are halting production on their videos as they try to figure out which claims are legitimate and which ones come from patent trolls or unrelated third parties.

In the latest development, YouTube has released an official statement that helps clear up the situation a little bit. The site has confirmed that the recent explosion of copyright claims is indeed related to a new system that will subject affiliate partners of MCNs to ContentID scanning. As a reminder, “affiliate” refers to most network partners, while the other category, “managed”, refers to channels where the network itself has taken a more active role.

Here is the unedited statement, in full:

“We recently enabled Content ID scanning on channels identified as affiliates of MCNs. This has resulted in new copyright claims for some users, based on policies set by the relevant content owners. As ever, channel owners can easily dispute Content ID claims if they believe those claims are invalid.”

This statement confirms what most creators already knew about the situation, but some troublesome elements are still unexplained. Why are so many claims coming from third parties with no apparent ties to game publishers? Why did YouTube enact this change much sooner than the January date it initially told Maker Studios? More philosophically, why would game publishers want to tear down a system that provides incalculably valuable exposure for their products?

We hope to get some more answers from YouTube soon. In the meantime, a video from YouTube gamer DPJ gives a nice overview of the ContentID system, explains what creators can do to fight against unjust claims, and shows off some impressive sniper rifle skills to boot".

Advocate of Justice, Liberty and Truth

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HOD is tanking this week for what?

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Posted by: patricide.1062


ok Anet please pay attention to what HOD is doing. They faced FC for the past two weeks and they completely steamrolled them all week long. Now all of a sudden their players aren’t steamrolling FC all week. I believe they are purposely tanking the scores so they wont have to play against more competitive servers. I wouldn’t be complaining if the scores were close before but they really need to be in the same division as Blackgate or Jade Quarry. The only reason the scores are this close this week is because they are TANKING. This crap sucks for FC and its just stupid to continue to keep them in our division.


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