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Re-Enable Town Clothes in WvW! Please!

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Posted by: Buddy.7563


this post could only be more productive with a poll. Anet loves polls.

Ask, and you shall receive.

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Re-Enable Town Clothes in WvW! Please!

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Posted by: Draygo.9473


I support this thread.

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HoD/FC/KN : 11/29/2013 : Bronze Week 7

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Posted by: zoidberg.7801


How I feel walking into this thread:

Kaineng 4 lyfe yo
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WvW tie breaker ?

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Posted by: Waffler.1257


Already answered.

If there is a tie, each server will be awarded the rewards for that place. e.g. if NSP and IoJ tie for 8th each will receive 8th place rewards.

What do you play WvW for?

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I play for an hour at least

In WvWvW, there will always be 1 winner & 2 losers.

Healing signet change

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If theres one thing warriors should never ever have access to, its stealth.

Steath > killshot > repeat > profit ?

Thieves balance their insane hits from stealth from being the squishiest class and the need for melee range.. Warriors would have neither of those issues, it would be madness.

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HoD/FC/KN : 11/29/2013 : Bronze Week 7

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Posted by: Devon.9061


Very nice, that’s the whole point of the game anyhow, fun! Although you are missing out on um, geometry….you didn’t put your golems in any uh…shapes….like my guild/server. There’s a greatsword that can be used as a guide.



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Stormbluff Isle - Double Sun Poweeeeeeer!

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Posted by: Roe.3679


I see nothing wrong with 2v1ing a server that stacked it’s population in order to roll lesser servers. It’s poetic justice to me.

Uninstanced Salma, new walls.

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Posted by: Basharic.1654


I’m no role player but I’ll add my voice to the complaint about new invisible walls or restructuring terrain. My bud and I are unrepentant jumpers, we look for the best places to throw ourselves off constantly. One of our favorites, Mt. Maelstrom, recently had the terrain changed, forcing us to use a lower elevation as our launch point.

We now have to launch from the vista instead of the much higher point to the right of it. As far as we can tell this was done only to nerf fun. The change serves no other purpose we can see.

Edit: while we are discussing this, can we please have a route to the top of the priory’s mountain? The craters we could leave with that kind of elevation would be fantastic.

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Uninstanced Salma, new walls.

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Posted by: Inay.9865


I’m a french Roleplayer. The big community for us is on Mer de Jade. (Some guilds on other serveur but, really a little). I don’t speak english very well, I can’t explain all I want to say. But no matter, a lot explain that before me. I just want to added my voice.

Why A.Net ? Leave us Salma, leave us Caudecus Manor, and the Fang Island, and all the cool place you do, please.

Your hilarious character pics :D

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It’s an old pic but- I suppose you can say that my character is rather flexible.


Magic Find. HOW does it really work?

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I think anet is in cahoots with the slurm corporation!

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Angel McCoy Interview

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Posted by: Konig Des Todes.2086

Konig Des Todes.2086

Angel McCoy, Narrative Designer

When you think of the history of Tyria from a non-human standpoint or, broader still, from a pan-racial standpoint, you begin to realize that not everything the people of Tyria believed 250 years ago is actually the whole truth. […] At some point, a Durmand Priory scholar or an asuran researcher questioned whether these historians were right or not. Sometimes they were; sometimes they weren’t. Sometimes, they only knew part of the story. We want to give you more of the story.

This paragraph rather irked me as a response to it. Mainly because… it doesn’t really have anything to do with the interview. At least, not in a way that’s obvious to us. We already know that human historians can be wrong – the History of Tyria shows us this very well. That’s not the problem at all. The problem is that the interview goes and counters not just what we’re told, but what we see. And in some cases of the former (countering “what we’re told”), the alternative presented doesn’t make sense (that the schools of magic were merely a dogma; a cultural limitation – as said in this thread, such would not make sense if people already had access to all four schools at once). It would be a vastly different case if it was just “the schools are no longer as limiting now as they were in the past” rather than “people don’t limit themselves with the schools now like they did in the past” – the way the question on the four schools was answered was basically saying that the schools were never a true factual limitation.

Angel McCoy, Narrative Designer

> Humans (including Canthan humans) were brought to Tyria (from…no spoilers!). They are not native to Tyria and did not come with much magic of their own. From a human perspective and oral tradition (that can get warped over time), they say the gods were giving them magic, but the reality was that the dragons had gone back to sleep, and the gods felt it was safe to begin returning magic stored in the Bloodstone to Tyria. The gods (not only Abaddon) “unsealed” the Bloodstone and magic flowed back into the world. Humans and other sentient races of the time began using it.

> Over the course of hundreds of years, wars broke out. King Doric begged the gods to slow the flow of magic back into Tyria and the gods granted his wish by shattering the Bloodstone into pieces and limiting their use. Abaddon was annoyed by this.

A few things to note about this:

  • You say this as if the gods did know about the Elder Dragons, and not only that… were around when the Elder Dragons were last awake. However, in-game, we’re told that “They [the Six Gods] pulled the energies of Zhaitan himself, even though they did not know of the sleeping Elder Dragon.” (Source: Randall Greyston) And he’s not the only one who tells us that the Six Gods only arrived on Tyria after the Elder Dragons went to sleep, let alone imply such.
  • All lore so far has told us that it was Abaddon who unsealed it, and the other five gods lessened that unsealing. That it was Abaddon alone who gifted magic. Are you trying to say that all the lore – both in and out of universe – saying this is false?
  • “Over the course of hundreds of years, wars broke out.” You mean over the course of a year, wars broke out. Abaddon had gifted magic in 1 BE, and the reduction of magic occurred in Year 0/0 AE. Or is it to be that every historical record, even out-of-universe listings of the timeline – are to be wrong here?
Angel McCoy, Narrative Designer

For many of us players, it’s only been a couple years since Abaddon’s tantrum, but for Tyrians, it’s been much longer. The gods have been gone. Generations have lived and died. The world’s understanding and control of magic has grown and improved. The understanding of the cosmos (the Eternal Alchemy) has improved. And yet, there’s still so much the people of Tyria don’t know.

While that may be, that doesn’t excuse how something that makes no sense other than there being a physical limitation, and suddenly said physical-ness of the limitation never existed.

Of course, Tyria hasn’t advanced as quickly as we have. They don’t have cars or Internet or Post-It™ notes.

The charr and their Circus Charricus disagree with you about no cars.

Again, I do thank you for taking the time to respond to this… but you don’t really clarify anything in your post about the problems raised in the interview. You used a lot of words to tell us nothing on the matter at hand. There is some interesting tidbits and interpretations to take from your four points of lore facts, but you made no mention of the calendar, of the schools themselves, or people’s interactions with the schools, or of how “everyone” can use magic. And those were the problems at hand.

Dear ANet writers,
Stop treating GW2 as a single story. Each Season and expansion should be their own story.

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Angel McCoy Interview

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Posted by: Konig Des Todes.2086

Konig Des Todes.2086

Now, to reply directly to parts of the response itself…

Angel McCoy, Narrative Designer

So, let me explain where some of these lore decisions came from. They and many others are based on the following needs:

1. The fact that GW2 takes place 250 years in the future after GW.

2. The added complications that come with GW2 being non-human-centric. We’re no longer telling a human story, but a multiracial story, and that means only one of five races have the “gods” as part of their world construct. The lore needs to not only make sense for all races, but actually be relevant to them.

3. We want to evolve the lore, not rewrite it, but not just recycle what was already there either. We want to reveal new layers in the onion and expose secrets that even GW players didn’t know.

The first point and the third point is perfectly fine and good. The second point, there’s a bit of a problem.

Yes, it is indeed non-human-centric, however, how you react to this feels more like “humanity was wrong” all the time with a side of “the gods are nothing special” – rather than trivializing the gods and their actions, which seems to be the direction chosen, it should be showing how the other races view and were affected by the acts of the gods. There was an interview a while back, mentioned in this thread, where a dev (I thought it was Ree but drax says it was Jeff) mentioned how the asura reacted to a magical event in the past – that, reasons unknown to them, the amount of magic in the world increased and subsequently decreased – and heavily implied it to be the asura’s reactions to the act of Abaddon gifting magic to the world. That was done properly – it didn’t trivialize the gods’ actions, but showed how another race reacted to the gods’ acts.

After all, these are gods, not just “powerful wizards” – yet it is the later which is how the gods feel like they’re beginning to be treated, especially with the interview that basically says “the bloodstones do nothing” when you read it as a whole. Yet nothing to say “the bloodstones were important, but now they’re not anymore” it was instead treating them as cultural limitations that humanity imposed on themselves. I’m referring to this in particular:

These schools aren’t as important in modern magic as they were even 250 years ago. They have fallen out of style as people have realized that magic doesn’t need these kinds of limiting factors. Only the most ancient magic users, those who based their magical constructs on this dogma, continue to pursue their knowledge in this way. Thus, you’re only likely to find reference to them in the back-most shelves at the Durmand Priory and in jokes made by young people about old people.

This response basically tells us “the four schools were just a mental limitation; a cultural choice on how to treat magic” and never a physical limitation imposed on the world by the gods when they reduced magic.

-continued next post-

Dear ANet writers,
Stop treating GW2 as a single story. Each Season and expansion should be their own story.

Why Scarlet again?

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bobby how do you feel that the villain you wrote doesnt make us want to stop her it makes us want to stop you?

Why Scarlet again?

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Posted by: Mimizu.7340


the saying goes “you can’t flog a dead horse”,

well, apparently you can, anet.

woah there.

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Choose Scarlet death !

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Posted by: Xyonon.3987


Best death ever:

So … we fight against here in a blimp above the maelstorm volcano Then she jumps with her rocket jetpack or whatever, trying to escape, but Lord Farren previously removes the petrol and she watches up, seeing him with his stupid smiling and screaaaaammmss ….. blubPOOFFFF

Then silence and everyone watches to Farren like “wtf o.ô”

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Tie-breaking Procedure

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Posted by: Jayne.9251


If there is a tie, each server will be awarded the rewards for that place. e.g. if NSP and IoJ tie for 8th each will receive 8th place rewards.

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There's something wrong about this picture.

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Posted by: Snowreap.5174


the map rotation is unusual, but I wouldn’t call it “wrong”. the party window is, however, completely messed up. but instead of not playing at all, I’d just play without joining a party.


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The NA Bronze League Thread

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Posted by: CAPT wheat roll.5743

CAPT wheat roll.5743

How I feel after reading all the of the predictions about AR not beating anyone


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Stats for Warrior of Sunlight?

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I’m honestly ignorant here so this is an honest question.

Can someone explain what these terms are in the OP’s post or how they are related to GW2? Sunbro? Sorcery spells? Scepter Catalyst?

We are engaged in jolly co-operation, so that one day Doggie might find his very own sun.

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Stats for Warrior of Sunlight?

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Posted by: Doggie.3184


So my Guardian is training to be a Sunbro and I was looking for some advice on the setup. I don’t have too much access to Throwing Spears at the moment so I poke things with my Sunlight Staff, and I’m using Sorcery spells with a Scepter Catalyst. I’m also using a few Pyromancer spells like fireball and surge and carrying a Torch with me.

From what I’ve seen it seems 20/20/10/0/0 has been main build for Scepter? I was considering getting Zerker stuff for the high Faith and Crit Damage although I have an ascended Knight box from wvwvw and considering using ascended Knight Scepter and using that set or mixing them somehow~ Also going to be using Traveler runes so my armor stops weighing me down so much, as I don’t have Havel’s ring. I haven’t been able to locate him in-game.

This is mainly for smiting evil for other players in WvWvWvW and earning some Sunlight Medals. Whats the best way to go about a S/T & Staff build nowadays? :O

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One shots in this game...

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Posted by: Crash.9186


Because some other server just capped the keep and the lord gets buffed out of his face to make everyone gtfo of the lords room and clearly, it works.

One shots in this game...

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Posted by: The Sixteenth.2561

The Sixteenth.2561

It’s the lord, he hits like a truck because he is a kitteng lord and we are only peasant. He trained his whole life in this lethal attak, 90 years of trainning in the mountain. Go train your auto attak in the mountain for 90 years, you will hit like a truck too.

Arah boat jumping puzzle no longer possible.

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Posted by: Black Box.9312

Black Box.9312

They fixed this, yet my ranger’s pet still does zero damage to the boss at the end. Thanks Anet.

The impotence of casual players

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Posted by: Zavve.8205


Grind for cosmetic items is okay with me. I don’t like any grind but I can deal with that.

Ascended gear is where I begin to have a problem…

The NA Bronze League Thread

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Posted by: Plains of Ashes.5941

Plains of Ashes.5941

HoD folks, do you think Dh will stand a chance against SF in week 7?

When you guys came alive in the middle of our last match you looked good. Its been said that DH has more folks then HoD, I dont know. But if thats true then I dont see why you guys cant beat SF. SF wont like me for saying this but I think DH has more skill per player than SF, and I do believe DH is the better server when you are bringing your A-game.

But DH needs to improve their zerg control (because SF seems to get better every match) and after 2 weeks with HoD they are going to be better than in week 1 at zerg control (which is not the same as player skill where DH still has the edge). You need to motivate your troops to come out and fight a hard match for a chance to claim second. DH needs to be as consistent kitten which I didnt see in our match. DH needs to come up with a plan to deal with SF’s massive peak-time zergs and you have to want to win bad enough to fight them toe to toe on the weekend where their zergs are the largest in bronze. If you wanna win week 7 you need to start prepping now.

Best of luck in the possible fight for second. Closing the league on a week 7 nailbiter between SF and DH would be very cool. GL as well as to the servers in the solid contest for 3rd, and the possible fight for not-last. (GoM you gonna try for 2nd in our match? we aint gonna help decide 2nd and 3rd, so its up to you).


Toxics not in tPvP

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Posted by: Kagusaki.3176


Lets spread the wealth! tPvP will now have Toxics and PvE will be PvP where guests can fight against the server they guest to. That would be awesome lol

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