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Toxics not in tPvP

in WvW

Posted by: Chaba.5410


So why is it in WvW?

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Season 1 Rewards... Expectations?

in WvW

Posted by: Chris.3290


A note that says thank you for playing; and explaining that WvW is now turning into an amazing new format where the servers are now fighting as a team to defeat Scarlet’s invasion of the Mists…

It’s worth putting money on it.

Season 1 Rewards... Expectations?

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Posted by: Nuzt.7894


A T-Shirt that says : " i survived season one " with Devon’s face on the back giving a 2 thumbs up.

Season 1 Rewards... Expectations?

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Posted by: Terrahero.9358


Disapointment is what i expect. Mass disapointment as all the PvE’ers are harshly reminded that WvW rewards suck, and they go back to autoattacking some worldboss for 5min to get a better reward.

Season 1 Rewards... Expectations?

in WvW

Posted by: Amurond.4590


a mini
1000 bloodstone dust
5 blues
3 greens
1 yellow that gives no ectos

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When a PvE Bunny (me) and sPVPer go to WvW!

in Community Creations

Posted by: Terrahero.9358


This is exactly how i imagined pve players think

“lets take the ram without rank2 or 3, its just for the achievement”“ow if i get the chance ill burn supply on a wall thats actively being trebbed”

And thats why a lot of WvW players have a strong dislike towards the pve achievement hunters.

Anyone with builds completely untouched?

in Warrior

Posted by: Scoobaniec.9561


My wvw axe/shield build getting +70 power. Thats about it

New profession to play

in Warrior

Posted by: hihey.1075


Please reroll ranger in WvW. Even after the upcoming buffs they will still be a free, quick and easy kill.

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New profession to play

in Warrior

Posted by: Butter.3024


Oh god Warriors are no longer be able to do massive damage, massive CCs, massive tank, massive sustain, massive conditions removal all in one build anymore, oh god oh no Warriors are just like other class now oh god

Warriors need a buff, not a nerf!

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Posted by: Peow peow.2189

Peow peow.2189

Seriously after reading all these nerf threads you people have it wrong.. I was fighting a thief in spvp with my heal signet on (600 reg) and we were ranging from far , now u c I have 30 in defence but this little grunt could still damage me , max defence shud mean 0 dmg.

I mean he barely got me down 2k go before I hammer stunned him into next year but I feel defence trait is not strong enuf.
Plz implement portal and stealth on warrior next patch

New Support System Coming

in News and Announcements

Posted by: Gaile Gray

Gaile Gray

ArenaNet Communications Manager

In order to offer you improved customer support, we are changing the core system that we use for responding to support e-mails and tickets. This change will be effective 23 October 2013. The new system does not require you to use a support account. Instead, you’ll use a web interface to find help in our Knowledge Base and submit support requests without signing in. Once you’ve submitted a request via the site, we’ll get in touch with you directly via e-mail.

While things will look a bit different when this change takes place, all the existing content we offer in our Knowledge Base will be available, and our ability to assist you accurately and promptly will be enhanced. As the new system is expanded in the coming weeks, we offer improved localization and more content to assist you with your customer support questions.

The upcoming system change will not allow us to copy or carry over existing tickets; everything will start new. Therefore, if you have any ticket history in the “My Stuff” section of this site that you wish to save, we advise creating a copy on your computer or e-mail account. Additionally, if you currently have an open support ticket, you may wish to save the most recent e-mail that you received about the subject from Support. Then, if you still need help when we switch to the new system, you can create a new ticket and include the previous dialogue within it.

We’re very pleased to be making this change, and welcome your feedback in the coming weeks.

Gaile Gray
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Why PvE(LW) events on WvW?

in WvW

Posted by: Obsidian.1328



Well, the solution we would like is zero PvE events in W3.

I’m guessing that’s not an option though. :/

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Living world content in WvW

in WvW

Posted by: NvN.4321


Here we discuss (again) recent introduction of living world content in WvW. Hopefully this thread will stay so keep it civilised .

Personally i think LV content is interfering with lore here. WvW is supposed to be in the mists. A very separate universe.
“The Mists resonate from the worlds around them, forming bits of their own reality – islands of existence that reflect the histories of their worlds”
If we follow this line, any current events in living world should not have any impact in the mists.
Second problem is placement of LV events in EB map. Those events interfere with mercenary camps.
Third : it encourages people to do pve content in wvw therefore doing damage to their server during the league. This is because mobs in these events in w3 are lvl 80 and lootwise it’s more convenient to do these events here (for achievement). It might also cause even longer queue times.

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Keep PvE out of WvW

in WvW

Posted by: Sororita.3465


Keep this living story stuff out of WvW, we dont want to do it, if we wanted to do it we’d be in PvE with the other sheep. We come to WvW to fight over people in an objective based PvP environment, not fight story npcs.


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PvE (namely this Living Story) in WvW

in Tower of Nightmares

Posted by: Qawsada.4251


Okay, tell me. Why, WHY would you add this living story into the World vs World? There is a Season 1 happening and you added this? There are bugs and glitches and you think its a good idea to place these toxic content in areas like the Merc Camps instead?

What is ONE change you'd make to your class?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: chemiclord.3978


Ranger – Preparations as an alternative to the pet mechanic.

Get rid of the WvW achievements for League

in WvW

Posted by: zabriel.4852


The achievements are awesome! End of Discussion. I think everyone else agrees!

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Dueling, where is it?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Distaste.4801


Colin johanson did mention it on this video interview with Matt Visual.

Oh god no!
Lets just hope he lied about it like they do for so many other things. The day the have open world dueling is the day I uninstall the game and find something else to do.

Umm… why such a harsh negative reaction?

It’s been discussed to death in so many other threads so I am not going to get in to the details again, but suffice it to say the players who insist on doing open world dueling are the worst kind of player in any game and end up ruining any kind of play experience for non pvpers. You can see it now with the costume brawl. They will have a whole map to do their thing in yet they will choose to do it right on top of other players. I play games to have fun and relax. GW has always been able to offer both. Once it no longer does there is no reason to keep playing and no reason to keep it installed.

With a post like this I think you are probably worse than the legions of evil griefing duelers you think exist. What a narrow minded view that you refuse to allow a feature based on a few bad apples. I guess we shouldn’t add any more content like Tequatl because that brings out not only grriefers to sit on turrets but also PvE elitists that harass people just as much if not more. I’ve run into more PvE players that ruin the PvE experience, especially in dungeons here, that clearly we should only develop single player content and instance it. I mean party invites can lead to griefing right? So we shouldn’t have that feature either. I’ve seen plenty of people here complaining about being harassed due to their gear, spec, or class and even worse they were getting kicked from the group right before the final boss/chest. Almost every aspect of any game can be griefed in one way or another, not adding a feature because of the fear a griefer might exploit it is just letting griefers win.

The simple truth here is you refuse to accept that there are solutions to the issues you bring up. Heck those solutions were even in WoW but somehow you refused to use them. If someone is spamming mapchat or duel requests to harass you, /ignore griefername. BOOM no more mapchat spam and all duels are declined. You could also take it 1 step further and just report them for harassment if you really wanted to. ArenaNet can even expand this system and add a decline all duels feature so those that are solely against it don’t ever even have to see the duel request box.

I would LOVE to be able to duel my friends while waiting for a dragon or other event to pop. Plus it would be awesome for helping to work out a new spec. “Join SPvP arena you say”, well the gear/abilities aren’t the same there and it removes me from the game world. “Go to WvW” well this doesn’t solve the issue at all. I want to duel with my friends and discuss the results, so unless you’re footing the bill for constant server transfers this doesn’t solve anything. “Only have dueling in Arena’s” again dueling is something that also helps solve boredom while waiting around for things to happen.

How to get Traveler Runes?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Astralporing.1957


Put 4 major runes in the Mystic Forge. Pray to Zommoros. Press the button. Scream in anger when you got a major rune. Do it again. Scream in anger again when you get a Superior rune, but differen than what you were looking for.

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Please don't make us craft ascended armor

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Dr Ritter.1327

Dr Ritter.1327

I know the damage is already done with the ascended crafting materials and raising the crafting level cap, but I feel like ascended armor should be a reward from a questline.
Expand further on the background story of ascension and how it relates to fractals. This is the perfect opportunity to give what most GW1 players want to see, a return of familiar lore and possibly enemies.

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Rangerok is coming my brothers

in Ranger

Posted by: lordhelmos.7623


Let me tell you a story…

Us rangers were once a peaceful race. We huddled in little tribal circles, petting our squirrels and feeding our humming birds. But then the dark ages of Tyria came…
From the darkness came the thieves guild and their backstabbing ways. After the thieves came the hegemonic mesmers, who spawned endless armies of clones to fulfill their narcissistic self-worship.

Then… the most evil of the all, the unholy Queen Jennah rose to power.
We poor rangers spent our days being backstabbed in dark alleys by thieves hired by the sinister queen, who used the hard earned gold of the rangers to fill her royal coffers and design twisted watchknight drones to oppress the people. For years the Rangers were tormented, but a dedicated few knew that this could not carry on any longer. Enough was enough. These brave ranger souls formed a tight circle of trustees and decided that the time for peace was over.

The circle of rangers retreated into the mystical forests, where they tamed the first jaguars. They learned the ways of deception and backstabbing from their thiefly oppressors and used this knowledge to mold their cats into the ultimate killing machines. With much regret, they trained their deadly companions with heavy hands a cruel whips.

Thus came the first Phantom Catmasters and the first coming of Rangerok. For once the tables were turned. Mesmers checked their beds at night in fear of the deadly feline predators… only to be grasped by an invisible paw that dragged them into the depths. Thieves appeared for a backstab, only to be clawed in the backs themselves. They died, not of the wounds, but from a heart stopped with fear and suspended belief.

The days of Rangerok took their toll upon the world. Warriors fled capture points in fear of the invisible predator that stalked within. Guardians barely made it to keep gates, their aegis shredded by feline claws. All the other classes of Tyria prostrated themselves before the evil queen, begging for deliverance from the vengeful rangers. Then with a wave of her hand, Queen Jennah granted their wish… but at a price.

She called upon the square-jawed Unholy Knight Logan Thackary to train all the warriors in Tyria to use the forbidden art of permastun. Droves of warriors roamed the countryside under the queens name, clubbing all the innocents of the realm and stealing their crops and coin. With the royal coffers filled, the devious queen then hired the most insidious thieves of the Dagger and Pistol guild and set them on a mission to neuter every Jaguar in Tyria.

And so Rangerok ended. The realm became oppressed by the ironfist of stunwars and thieves. Rangers were reduced to huddling next to each other in the small fires of torch 5, telling stories about the glory days when the cat actually used to do damage.

I was one of those rangers long ago. The day Ragnarok ended, I looked down at my pet. It was a pathetic thing who moped in a sad circle, only stopping for short moments to paw at the empty void in between his legs.

I raised a gloved fist into the air before the Queen.

“One day… one day Rangerok will come again. Stand fast my brothers, for one day WE WILL HAVE OUR REVENGE!”

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Counter Invisibility, not Stealth

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Durian.5419


Considering the hard counter to ranger’s Beastmastery trait line is “use AOEs” I just cannot feel bad for Thieves.

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Counter Invisibility, not Stealth

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Waar Kijk Je Naar.8713

Waar Kijk Je Naar.8713

TL;DR: Thieves will finally require skill. No more lame permastealthing. OP mad.


Ebay/Hod/Kain 10/11

in Match-ups

Posted by: Sean.8274


Who is going to win at losing? HoD, Kain, or NSP?

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Ebay/Hod/Kain 10/11

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Posted by: JahRo.6432


Decided to hop into WvW tonight but after seeing people say stuff like ‘’idk why we’re trying so hard to cap towers and camps’’, how bad of a position will I be in when leagues roll around? That quote was actually said during WvW tonight and it got me thinking. Just how bad will it be for HoD? Ideally i’d like to transfer before other servers potentially fill up, if of course, that’s the case.

inb4 HoD fanboys tell me the server is better off with people like me gone.


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Again... and again...

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Posted by: SHAKA ZULU.3128


Again… and again… they have stated achievements in WvW will be scaled down in the future.


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