Video Request - Sword Trail Animations

Video Request - Sword Trail Animations

in Asura

Posted by: Gabe.6810



I’m planning on farming/buying new weapon skins but I don’t enough enough money to get both for obvious reasons.

I’m going for a lightsaber-type weapon on my Asuaran Ranger so I do like both glow and trail but I can’t decide between the Whisperblade/Vision of the Mists Sword and Greatsword or the Super Sword and Greatsword (which I’m lucky are not account bound and are in the auction house)

I’m looking for videos showing the auto attack animation for an asuran ranger weilding a Whisperblade, Vision of the Mists Sword, and both Super Swords.

If anybody knows of any videos showing this off or anybody who has these skins is willing to make a video with their ranger I would be very happy.