Music and gameplay seem disconnected.

Music and gameplay seem disconnected.

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Posted by: Fosio.8217



One of the things that has been bothering me for a long time now is the Music composition theme versus map activity and what actually happens on the screen.

Think of the tempo of each music loop.

For the most part of the audio themes in Kryta, Ascalon, Shiverpeak Mountains or even Maguuma, the tunes are relaxing and soothing and i guess they would match the start of an epic journey where the elements of both story-telling and action are just starting to unfold.

But, for endless battle scenarios, like the highest tier maps; infested by dragon minions, despair and on-going action, to still hear the same soothing sounds and relaxing (almost to the point of boredom) tunes, is just taking away of half of the game-experience.

For example, the music in Orr: i do understand the need for “the lament of Orr”, but come on now, we all kill Zhaitan as part of our lvl 80 Story, shouldn’t we now have the morale boost to jump into fights, roaring while full of adrenaline, slashing left and right of what’s left of his minions? Don’t we maybe need a second tune at least, of a more vivace tempo and perhaps more uplifting?

I would gladly welcome more diversity in Guild Wars 2 music and maybe the option to choose which loops to play. We all could use some inspiring tunes while farming.