Name of the song

Name of the song

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Posted by: radovan.8624



can anyone tell me the name of the song which is played AFTER “fear not this night” in the victory or death instance when credits are rolling.


Name of the song

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Posted by: Tuomir.1830


Darude – Sandstorm

…Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Only fools and heroes charge in without a plan.

Name of the song

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Posted by: Lyndis.4653


Hey I’ve been waiting in this last instance for quite a while just for you.

The sad truth is that there are a lot of tracks so it’s hard to tell which one you’re looking for, especially if their order is random (I don’t know about that).

Anyway here are all the ones I heard and found :

(not sure this one was there but I put it here just in case) (not sure)

There are probably some missing and some that shouldn’t be here but that might already be helpful.

Let me know if the one you were looking for is among those and which one it was :p