Q: Any word on zone specific custom music?

Q: Any word on zone specific custom music?

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People have been asking for a while to be able to have their custom playlists be changed to play different music based on the zone. Because each zone has a different feel to is, but the default music doesn’t convey that much in the classic zones. My problem is I don’t so much like the original music, but I LOVE the new zone musics. I would be great if I could play more war themed songs for charr areas, more “magical” songs for sylvari areas, etc, while keeping the wastes music. I could just download the new music and put it in a custom playlist, but I don’t want the wastes music playing in caledon forest cause it doesn’t fit. My question is though have the devs ever said anything about this? is it even possible with how the game does its music?

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