Request for features for instruments

Request for features for instruments

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Posted by: lioka qiao.8734

lioka qiao.8734

While I get that the interface is limited by technology I want to request some doable things for musical instruments.

1. Map the bell to C major with C as number 1 instead of D as number 1 (DO instead of RE as key 1) to match other instruments.

2. A slash command to choose the key my instrument plays in.
Example if I type /key C on the flute it changes the flute from E major (default) to C major. Writing /key G would change it to G major. Could also be implemented as an item from the gem store that will adjust the key of my instrument. Writing /key Am would do A minor key. If this command could also let me choose the note for the number 1 key (like /key C C3) that would be epic.

2b. The gemstore implementation item should let me choose what notes each key plays instead of just choosing a key range and a starter note.

This is so that I can more easily perform some of the music I want and have it sound right.

3. To help you out ANET have you considered using MIDI for music events?

Little red Lioka