[SUGGESTION] Improvements on custom playlists

[SUGGESTION] Improvements on custom playlists

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Posted by: Tuomir.1830


GW2 Soundtrack is great. However, sometimes you just want to hear something different when playing, which is why the custom playlist feature is much appreciated. But, as it is, it’s quite lacking in depth. So, I suggest thus:

  1. Regional Playlists. Allow us to make separate playlists for each region by adding the name of the region into the playlist name, “KrytaBattle” or “OrrAmbient”.
  2. Allow us to set whether or not the playlist randomizes the order of the songs, by adding a suitable tag to the name.
  3. Add more specific playlist possibilities, such as “CityNight”.
  4. Support metadata for loops.

These changes would bring a whole new level of personal customization and enjoyment to a portion of the playerbase.

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