[Suggestion] ABC files + sync

[Suggestion] ABC files + sync

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Hi guys.
I’m gonna be honest for this thread to make a good suggestion and improve the game. Before Guild Wars 2, I played Lotro for a while, and I can’t help to say their music system is waaaaaay better than ours. I’d love if the GW2 programmers could improve our systems to match the ones of a 7 years old one.

Why other MMO system is better? I’ll give you 3 reasons.

  • We had not only 3 octaves, but 8. More sounds = more songs.
  • ABC files. The game Lotro doesn’t allow Macros at all, however they created a system where, if you just type “/play example.abc” with an instrument, it would read and play the file. I believe that was done client-side so it removes the problems of server lag and the “fear” of players using macros (since it only works with an instrument and stops if you stop using the instrument), but instead you get the awesome situation where players can play songs that would be impossible by a human being. (And there’s already hundred of abc songs in the internet for us to play)
  • Sync players to play songs. Yes! it was a thing!. The /play command allowed 2 players (or more) to sync the same song if they had the same .ABC file. That did let us play the same song with different instruments at the same time. Or 1 lute doing the chords and 2nd lute making a solo, etc.

There was some groups making special announcements and even concerts of 100+ players back then. Example of all systems in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKWpJdWOpPE (the player lagged while recording, but you get a pretty clear idea of how cool those concert were).

So… feedback?

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