Thank You For The Model Anet. :)

Thank You For The Model Anet. :)

in Bazaar of the Four Winds

Posted by: GunshyGamer.2076


I posted this in another thread earlier that was filled with negative comments about the model reward but rather than letting it get buried there I would like to post it where the devs will likely read it as I want them to know that the work they’re putting into the game and it’s rewards truly is appreciated.

As my opinion to counter this sea of negativity I’ve seen before I for one would like to thank Anet for the model as it will give me a chance to see the ship and to show it to new players or players taking a break who may not have experienced the content while it was here. Yes I would have liked to see it in a bit higher resolution but I am not so picky to let that damage the quality of said reward. I understand space can be expensive and HD video can take a good deal of space.

Either way Anet just know that there are players who appreciate the reward. I found it worth my time and would have felt as though I missed out if I had not gotten it before the event ends. It is in my collection with my other unique living story items (Aside from the Ascended Karka Shell as that is on my Norn. ) and that I would LOVE to see more things like this in the future that allow me and others to view the living story content after it has gone. I love nostalgia so I love rewards like this. As the months pass on and the current content becomes more forgotten I will begin putting down the model in LA for others to see often.

Now all I need is a viewable video of the Molten Facility Dungeon from F&F as that has been my favorite content in game thus far. But seriously keep it coming Anet.