Load More added to current Orders and Bids

Load More added to current Orders and Bids

in Black Lion Trading Co

Posted by: Risingashes.8694


Another annoying feature loss from the old TP has been fixed in the most recent patch.

We can now see all of our bids and orders instead of having any past 200 disappear forever.

Good to see ANet are actually putting a good deal of effort in to readding features.

Is that everything? Can we now call the new TP an unequivocal success?

Load More added to current Orders and Bids

in Black Lion Trading Co

Posted by: Kruhljak.2705


This was the biggest issue still lingering for me. But we still have one thing missing that I gauge the vast majority of players still want to see: The “Last Listing” info and functionality to quickly add new items at that price.

The rest is relatively minor, but could/should be addressed eventually.

For example:

Data in the search box(es) is lost when switching between various target lists.

There is still no tab support for gadget boxes in the drop down search box.

The search function for transactions still doesn’t fully support partial word (“migh appr” won’t get you anything in transactions, but it will when searching in the main TP section).

When using the Sell Items tab, identical items aren’t aggregated like they used to be in the old TP. This is a matter of managements convenience for the player as it can make for much smaller lists when you have lots of bag space filled up.

We have no options to choose whether selling/buying an item defaults to activating lowest price or buy order, nor whether the count defaults to max or 1.

And we still don’t have actual MAX or MIN buttons available when selling items, despite the far ends of the slider doing that job, but inobviously and it’s rather tricky to easily hit the right spot(s).

These are thing I personally have gripes about, and I know there are other things some players have issues with. Despite that, and with the new Load More option, I’d say the new TP now has enough there to make most of us finally forget about the old version.