[Suggestion] Easier access to BL Weapons

[Suggestion] Easier access to BL Weapons

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Posted by: Jaken.6801


Put the Weapons in named weapon boxes and sell them indivudally, to create a better user experience.

The amount of money, time and luck required to get something that enhances your personal style, but in terms of satisfaction (feeling rewarded for skill for example) is just not balanced at the moment.

Best Case szenario
Right now the easiest /cheapest way to obtain a weapon is:
*Get a Key
*Get a chest
*Have them both when the item you desire is introduced
*Open the chest and be lucky to get a Ticket

However there is also the other possibility that could happen (and I am sick of it, because this does not feel rewarding), namely the things that do not work in favour:

Worst Case Szenario

  • Keys are a very rare loot and it is easier to buy them (monetary investment or grind)
    *Tickets are RNG (Luck)
    *Items are cheap only for a limited time (time limit)
    *After the time limit the price is raised (monetary or grind)
    *BLC do not guarantee a Ticket, but it shares the loot-table with a lot of other items, alongside Ticket Scraps (Luck)
    *You need 10 Ticket Scraps for one Ticket, forcing you to openat least 10 more chests if you are lucky (Luck, Money, Grind)
    *The amount of chests you have to open only raises with the end of the time limit, because you need a higher amount of Tickets after that (Money, Grind)

As you can see, these systems force you to gamble for an item, if you desire to earn/get yourself
(Yes, there is the trading post option, however this is is the only way to get around the main source of these items. I am focusing on the direct approach)

Other problems
Right now you redeem these items at an NPC. However with the high frequency of new weapon sets, his tabs are allready full.
If this continues there is a need for more NPCs offering BLC weapons, which can create a confusing enviroment as the numbers rise.

Possible solution
Give us the option to buy the weapons directly (Something some of the community is begging for a long time).
Right now they are no prestige items, but only a sign that you have money or in the rarest of cases: lucky.

To be easy on the Gem-Store interface I suggest creating themed boxes (Aetherblade, Ley Line, etc. ) which price can be adjusted for sales.
Each box allows you to choose one skin.

I know this has probably suggested already and naturally several times. However I believe bringing it up again just undermines the importance of finding another distribution system.

(personal side note. I am sitting on 9 scraps for several BLC chests and I cannot take it anymore. I am willing to pay real money for things I feel deserve it. However I do not like to gamble my money away.)

[Suggestion] Easier access to BL Weapons

in Black Lion Trading Co

Posted by: Redenaz.8631


They’re retiring Lovestruck, Dragon’s Jade, Aetherblade, Fused, and Dreamthistle weapon sets in a few weeks (according to the patch notes,) so that’s the solution to your “NPC is running out of tabs” problem. Without getting into opinions on whether that’s the best solution, or other factors involved, that’s a thing that’s happening regardless.

You want the option to buy weapons directly…for, what, gold? How much would you say is the appropriate price? Around the same cost as Sovereign Weapons, or the hundreds of gold Black Lion skins cost on the trading post?

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