mystic forge stone and precursor

mystic forge stone and precursor

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Posted by: Ryn.6459


Hi everyone.
I’m aiming into getting my first legendary. I realized that I have like 135 mystic forge stones.
Is it a good idea to use them to get a precursor?
I am not sure if anything has changed with the mystic toilet. Is “3 level 75 rares + stone” the way to go? I just read a wanze’ post from 6 months ago saying that he would use exotics now. Why is that?

Learning English, any correction is very welcome.

mystic forge stone and precursor

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Posted by: laokoko.7403


There are times I put in 3 exotic dagger/1 mystic forge stone…. and get back an exotic warhorn.

I’m not sure if that’s normal, or how often it occur.

I think you should use exotic if you are using mystic forge stones. To get the most out of it.

If you use 3rares+1 mystic stone. You are saving like 40-70 silver each use. If you use exotic you are saving a few gold per use.

mystic forge stone and precursor

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Posted by: Wanze.8410


It takes 5 forges on average to get an exotic if using rares. Using MF stones, you need 3 rares for the first forge, and 2 each for the next 4 forges, using 11 rares and 5 mf stones to get an exotic.
If you are using exotics, you only need 3 exotics and 1 stone, so the value a mf stone represents in an exotic forging is higher.
Now lets do some maths. Lets go with an average price of 40s for a rare weapon and 2g for an exotic one and 135 mf stone.

For 4 chances at a precursor using exotics, you will need 3 exos for the first forge and 2 exotics for the next 3 forges (because you get 1 exotic back), thats 9 exotics or 18g and 4 stones.

Using rares, you need an average of 11 rares to get an exotic, so 33 rares to get 3 exotics, which you toss in again with a stone for your 4th chance, so you pay 13.2g and 34 stones.

So actually, using rares is cheaper in gold costs but more expensive in mf stone costs.

Using up all your 135 stones with exotics will give 135 chances at a precursor and you will need 271 exotics or 542g.

Actually, to make a better comparison to rare costs, i will disregard the exotic you get from each forge, so you need 405 exotics or 810g and you will end up with 135 exotics.

For the first 135 forges with rares and stones you will 271 rare weapons, plus 45 rares to substitute the 45 exotics you get in the process. Now you are out of stones but still need to forge 90 exotics to also have 135 chances at a precursor.
To forge 1 exotic with rares only, you need 16 rares on average, so an additional 1440 rares are needed. Overall, that makes 1756 rares needed or 702.4g.

In both cases, you used up your 135 mf stones and ended up with 135 exotics, which can either be tossed in again or sold.

So at prices of 40s/rare and 2g/exotic, i would advise you to use rares but keep in mind that i didnt check prices before posting.

One reason why i used exotics with my mf stones was that I used to buy the cheapest named exotics available (which were only a couple of silver more expensive than the cheapest exotics) to unlock their skins, so i got additional value out of it.

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mystic forge stone and precursor

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Posted by: Cyrrin.1230


I used 50 MF stones doing 50 flushes with 3 rares + 1 stone..

ended up with Rodgort’s flame and the Bard. Not the precursors I was going for but hey, not bad for 50 flushes right?

mystic forge stone and precursor

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Posted by: Malediktus.9250


Mystic Forge Stones do not improve the chances to get a precursor. They just act as a wildcard. If you put in lets say 3 exotic greatswords and a stone it acts as 4 random exotics though, so you could also get the bad precursors.

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mystic forge stone and precursor

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Posted by: Essence Snow.3194

Essence Snow.3194

To add to the above..if you are going to use a stone in a forge do not use greatswords, swords, daggers, or staves. Use the cheapest rares or exotics than you can buy b/c the stone will randomize the forge anyways If you get any of those 4 back, a weapon with a collection attachment, or valuable sigil sell them back on the tp instead of reforging them and buy more cheap ones with proceeds.

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