Eternal Sands & Gemstones

Eternal Sands & Gemstones

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Posted by: Sarasv.8962


Ever since this item was first made up I thought it was strange:

I got my essence of time of the TP because after a few 50 chests+ I didn’t get it from them. Now at the time there were only five for sale. Now, these five for sale were listed for:

10g 99s
17g 99s (which I bought)

Now this was RIGHT after the Seeds of Truth went live. After that fact, within a few hours on reddit the recipe for the focus was “found”. With the exact component needed to craft it, that being an amalgamated gemstone.

Now how does one find a recipe for something in the forge? Amalgamated gemstones didn’t exist (possibly?) before the patch. It is in the game’s data files yes but is it in the actual system to be used as an object?

Putting things in the forge it will highlight if the recipe is correct. Sand is a no brainer, its an hourglass and the only place to get sand is from Dry Top.

Now right after that recipe was listed, only about four amalgamated gemstones showed up on the TP, they were 30g a pop and within a few hours there were about 20 of them. How could someone possibly know a recipe that created something that was not in the game before the patch. OR. It already existed and they were keeping it secret. Regardless these things simply don’t just “appear”.

Afterwards for two days people were asking all over forums and reddit: where do we get the gems, its an exotic, obviously it must come from chests? No one knew how to get them.

Now, the gems have dropped from 30g to 1g a piece and someone or multiple people have bought up all the essences of time. Now the essences are the rare components. Is this market manipulation or people just chucking whatever combos in the forge and hoping they unlock SOMETHING. Because this has happened with the sea satchel and the creation for Mawdrey. I just think it was very odd or purposeful and people banked in on circular knowledge. Anyways. I’m glade I got my essence early and I can forge my focus with a happy smile that I made it out lucky —-

I hope anyone else pursuing this has luck in their RNG for this item!

Eternal Sands & Gemstones

in Crafting

Posted by: Astralporing.1957


When you throw a ton of people on the problem, you greatly increase the chances of success and decrease the time needed for it. In retrospect, the most important part was putting essence and gemstones together – and since both appeared in the same path, it was certain that someone with money will check it sooner or later.

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Eternal Sands & Gemstones

in Crafting

Posted by: Wanze.8410


I think this was implemented very well and far from any market manipulation.
I put the first focus on the tp (and its still there for 750) and since then crafted, bought and sold several more. Due to the unfolding of events as you described, i am still on a loss overall but i still have lots of listings of several ingredients.
The question is, where prices will actually pan out.
I have absolutely no problem with the person finding the forge recipe for gemstones first and cashing in big with it.
In early adventure games, you had to figure everything out for yourself or you had to actually look for information in a magazine or so.
These days people feel entitled to have information presented to them and complain if that information isnt distributed equally.
For me, the very essence of adventure and exploring is to find something new or lost or achieve something before anybody else.
That applies to real life and games as well.
It takes alot of effort to figure out something new and there is nothing wrong with being rewarded for it handsomely.
Alot of people complain about rewards not scaling with skill in pve (and I agree mostly but only because there isnt any pve content that effectively can measure skill) and this is a good example how playing the TP rewards your skills.
Thats why it also is my favourite content.

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