A letter to Ellen Kiel

A letter to Ellen Kiel

in Cutthroat Politics

Posted by: Bonefield.9813


Dear Captain Kiel,

Please allow me to congratulate you on your victory in securing a seat on the Captains’ Council. I can think of no one more suited for the position, and I have no doubt that your dedication to the city and strong sense of personal ethics will mean great things for the people of Lion’s Arch. I had the pleasure of meeting you on both Southsun Cove and the Zephyr Sanctum sky docks, and was impressed by your tenacity and honesty. It was these qualities that compelled me to vote for you, and I do not expect that I will regret my choice.

I hope it won’t come off as entirely unseemly that, following the announcement of the election results, I immediately rushed home to jot down a letter to quibble about your campaign promises. I would not be surprised to learn that every corner of your office is piled high with similar missives, and if so, I humbly beg your forgiveness for adding one more. I will do my best to be brief.

To the point: please consider lending your support to researching the Fractal of the Mists pertaining to the Forgotten God’s fall, as well as your intended research into the events of the Thaumanova Reactor meltdown. I realize that this is asking a great deal, and that your time and resources are not infinite. Nevertheless, I must ask. I voted my conscience because I strongly believe that you are by far the best person for the council. I could not have voted for Evon Gnashblade, but it pained me to know that I was also voting against the possibility of witnessing such a momentous event. Furthermore, it is only with your voice on the Council—not Gnashblade’s—that I feel research pertaining to the history of the gods can safely go forward.

Captain Kiel, I am a religious man. I do not wish to presume too much as to your own spiritual leanings, and Lion’s Arch is, after all, a diverse city—I would not expect you to elevate the interests of humanity above those of the other races. However, I hope you might agree that the research of an event of such great importance would be best undertaken with the supervision of our people, to help ensure that appropriate respect is shown in regards to our history, and to avoid the possibility of crass financial exploitation of our culture.

I have had the honor of working alongside many charr who distinguished themselves as excellent soldiers, scholars, philosophers and companions. I welcome the peace between our two races. Unfortunately, just as there are humans who embarrass and shame us all with their lack of respect for our charr allies, there are charr who take pleasure in mocking, desecrating, and attacking the faith of the Six. You are undoubtedly aware of the Pact’s noble efforts to reclaim and cleanse Orr, and to drive the remains of Zhaitan’s forces from the ancient temples of the gods; while I do understand that the Pact’s resources are stretched thin and conditions are not ideal, I admit that it angers me to see the temple of my lord Grenth under the stewardship of a charr who has no respect for the sanctity of the place. From what I know of him, I have no expectation that Evon Gnashblade would approach the matter with any more delicacy.

Researching the Thaumanova incident is, of course, the highest priority. The information that could be gathered from it may be of immense importance. However, I do not believe that we should set aside any opportunity to learn from the past, and witnessing the circumstances of the Forgotten God’s fall might provide answers to questions that humanity has struggled with for centuries. In terms of broader interest, we would likely be able to pinpoint the progression of events in that era which are currently in dispute, and possibly to gain information on the nature of magic that would aid us in our efforts against the dragons.

If resources are the deciding factor, I have no doubt that there are many citizens who would be willing to help raise the needed funds—myself included, of course. I cannot speak for the Durmand Priory, but I find it hard to believe that they would not be interested, and I daresay there are more than a few individuals who cast their votes on the strength of Gnashblade’s choice of research who would support you wholeheartedly if you were willing to consider championing both projects. Any call for aid or donations would, I’m sure, be answered without hesitation.

You have my sincere thanks for your time and consideration. I wish you clear skies, swift winds, and the blessings of the gods.

Ezra Roth