Cutthroat Politics Wallpaper/Concept Art

Cutthroat Politics Wallpaper/Concept Art

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Posted by: Babe Ruthless.1920

Babe Ruthless.1920

I was just reading through the Cutthroat Politics content page and really love the images used in the “Meet The Candidates” section!

However, I am disappointed that there is no wallpaper featuring the same type of images that include: 1) the Candidate 2) the campaign poster 3) the campaign “button” image.

Will ArenaNet be creating something like that for players as the event nears or will fans have to copy and paste from the website images to make their own? The Kiel images are covered by the static link box

I’d really love to see A.Net’s version, the game art is a huge part of what makes it so amazing <3