Cutthroat Politics release page | GW2 Wiki

Cutthroat Politics release page | GW2 Wiki

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Here is the GW2 wiki page for the Cutthroat Politics release. The release begins on July 23rd and ends on August 6th. The election itself ends on August 5th.

Cutthroat Politics

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This post will be updated as more pages are created/released. As always, the wiki is updated and populated by players for players, so if you are able to update the page further with information related to the Cutthroat Politics content, it would be very much appreciated.

Also, if you need to catch up on what’s happened so far in the Living World:
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Cutthroat Politics release page | GW2 Wiki

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great! Gotta love Southsun Survival but yet again implementing a activity which can be soloed – as such it is good and fine but it seems that guilds and groups of friends are yet again neglected in the field of activities. I have loved all the activities so far in the game and been really really REALLY disappointed that you cannot have guild only or invite only versions of them – being in a guild is all about doing things together and activities would be an excellent thing for building up guild spirit, have fun and compete but now you have to rely on luck to get guildies alongside in battle. So when, oh when you can have private/invite only activities?

Best regards,
slightly frustrated guild leader

“To Rasa Sum – and back again!”

Cutthroat Politics release page | GW2 Wiki

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Posted by: zrangon.6415


for myself I don’t like jumping puzzles or activities. I’m originally a guild wars solo player drawn in by the suggestion that this was the natural successor to guild wars. I was pleased there was a solo aetherblade event even if it was unplayable due to lag but the subsequent aetherblade caches and all of cut throat politics have been non events for me.I feel the game is gradually moving away from me. I’d buy an expansion if it had a new story . I’d buy something like ‘mercenary heroes’ if it could be implemented for guild wars 2 and enabled solo players to do the 5 man dungeons.I’ll try the recently announced event but if its all jumping puzzles/activities and 5 man dungeons my time playing guild wars 2 will start to decline