Fall of Abaddon clarification

Fall of Abaddon clarification

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Hi there,

After watching the livesteam with Colin he confirmed the fact that the Fall of Abaddon will not be a re-make from the GW1 Nightfall boss fight but it will be about how Abaddon got sealed away and thus we will witness the Exodus of the six gods.

I quote from the livesteam:
“Will there be any new fractals or dungeons inspired by the events that took place by Guild Wars 1? Uhh your voting on one of them right now, but you could say that the Fall of Abaddon was PRE Guild Wars 1.”

Getting excited yet? I am!
Did you ever notice that we’re currently in the year 1326 AE, AE stands for After Exodus. Think about that for a moment. If we vote for Evon, we will actually see how the Exodus took place, but then in-game.

Here’s a small GW1 wiki quote talking about the Fall of Abaddon:
“In 1 BE, he spread magic to the races of Tyria, and thus indirectly responsible for the wars that came afterward. King Doric pleaded to the gods and they rendered magic into the five Bloodstones, diluting their gift. Abaddon was incensed and went to war with the others, and he was eventually struck down at the Mouth of Torment, in a blow that turned the Crystal Sea into a desert. There, Abaddon was sealed within the Realm of Torment and the city of Morah was established to watch over the spot where he fell. Shortly after his defeat, the gods left the world in an act that came to be known as the Exodus.”

Ofcourse I could be very wrong about this theory but I hope not!

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