How Kiel/Evon Could Win in a Landslide

How Kiel/Evon Could Win in a Landslide

in Cutthroat Politics

Posted by: Nick of Tyria.1935

Nick of Tyria.1935

The race is tight, but the key to galvanizing the voters of Tyria behind one candidate is easy. Forget the Abaddon or the Thaumanova fractals, Evon or Kiel need only to offer the voters the Trahearne Fractal.

That’s right. In the Trahearne Fractal you can revisit those places where Trahearne annoyed us most – such as Concordia, where he made us walk around to find out how the other leaders felt about him, or when he ditched us on the airship in Fort Trinity after we helped him with his quest and he wouldn’t bother helping us in Arah.

At these locations we will get to slaughter waves of Trahearne clones. Additionally, special mob deaths will be designed for the fractal so that the Trahearne mobs will experience decapitation and extreme blood (err sap?) splatter – and of course, each Trahearne will say “this won’t end well” just before they die. The cathartic experience will culminate in a boss fight against the real Trahearne, who will apologize for his existence when his HP hits 90%, 80%, 70%, etc.

So listen up Evon and Kiel (and Anet)! Give me a Trahearne killing fractal and you will get all my support tokens (and maybe I’ll buy gems too, I guess that’s how you vote for Anet).