Why was the fractal ever tied -suggestion-

Why was the fractal ever tied -suggestion-

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Why was the fractal ever tied to the event in the first place.
It should be voted upon sure, but tying it to an event that was voted for by people who neither knew what they were voting for nor had any care about fractal permanent content or lore saddens me.

There could have been other fluff tied to the election or even other content /rewards

Have a vote after the election during the jubilee where we get “lions council referendum tokens” and a message from kiel to her constituents “My first act as a member on the council is to” and then give a run down of the lore behind each.

And for anyone who counters by saying “it is old lore”
NO IT kitten WELL WASN’T, Abbadon’s lore was all about his fall from grace and banishment BEFORE guild wars 1’s timeline happened or was even close to happening.
Hell he is responsible for everything that happened in the first three guild wars releases.

Titans, Shiro and ofcourse his direct involvement in Nightfall.

Have the players vote in a more meaningful and less biased way… Don’t tie the vote to some guy who has had NO story time or influence vs Kiel’s spotlight and less slimy appearance.

Voting was good, the implementation was dodgy for what is permanent content and an expansion of lore.

Why was the fractal ever tied -suggestion-

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Posted by: Tammy.4890


I can’t say for sure, but what I am hoping is that they had us vote for which one they would work on first. As with real elections, they may have Gnashblade run again, or find another way to impliment the Abbadon fractal. I’m hoping that Arena Net understands that many of us who were knowingly voting for Abbadon are their fans that carried over from Guil Wars 1. It would be a grave dissapointment if they were to scrap the idea, just considering that it would primarily dissapoint loyal fans, as many newcomers to gw2 may not even know who Abbadon is. It is unfortunate to think that some of the dissapointed fans have been with them since GW1 beta. After going over what each candidate promised, however, it is obvious that this is a big project for them, not projected to be complete until the end of the year. I am hoping that after they finish, they will begin, at least considering, what to do with the Abbadon fractal. It is also possible they will impliment Abbadon content another way so that they can give it real cutscenes. Although I cannot back this as it is my own hopes for their intentions, it is not in good business to ignore content that long-time fans want.

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