Arah inaccessible because of a 'farmable' dynamic event chain.

Arah inaccessible because of a 'farmable' dynamic event chain.

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Posted by: Carth.1738


I have Reached level 80 and am now trying to get into the Arah dungeon but I can’t. No one can. There is a meta event to the north called "Pact Operation Southern Advancement. Due to multiple bots, who can be spotted by looking for turrets and people who are attacking the air, (all of this can be found on, if none else, the Yak’s bend server, at the Penitent Waypoint in the Cursed Shore.) the event is not continuing, the pact doesn’t move and allows for the bots to farm the dynamic event risen that come after the pact.
Players cannot stop this from occurring, and unfortunately, I do not know how they stopped the AI, but they are stopped, and the Arah dungeon is inaccessible because of it.
If anyone knows how to break the AI out, please post.

I am not trying to point fingers or get anyone in trouble, I just want to kill the Elder Dragon.