Suggestion for DE difficulty

Suggestion for DE difficulty

in Dynamic Events

Posted by: Vim.7318


I think Event Scaling seems to be doing an okay job when you go from soloing an event to doing it with a couple of others to there being 5 or so there but the events seem to have an upper cap point where they no longer get any more difficult and any more players over that cap tends to quickly turn the event into a trivial event.

I don’t mind relatively easy events, especially when I am going from A to B and I like to jump on events in transit to my destination. However, I love really hard events if I just want to go somewhere for something that is a challenge.

I think a suggestion would be an event grading system. Green for easy events, Yellow for difficult events and Red for insanely hard challenges, with rewards geared to the difficulty of the event, both in terms of it’s grading and it’s scaled level.

I can solo a lot of events on my own but some are inherently difficult and I can’t solo, they are meant to scale down but there are just too many mobs at the lowest point, others are trivially easy even when there are a whole bunch of people afk in the vicinity.

Green should be events that you can solo and when you see the event notification you can automatically see if it is something you are a reasonable chance of doing just, then you have your Yellow events which are suited for small groups of people with scaling built in to it to allow for a few more or less. Red would be more common in higher level zones but I would have one Red DE area at least in each zone.

Currently we have the mega zergs running between events and they just can’t handle the number of people that push into it and there is no way it can be designed to be doable solo or with a small number of people and provide a challenge to a small army that wade through. If you expect the army then you are at least half a chance of making it a challenge.

I think it would be nice if people could easily determine what kind of encounters they were looking for and where they can go find them and have suitable challenges around depending on the number of people around. At present it is a bit of Russian roulette if you stumble into an event that is doable or not depending on who is around.

Suggestion for DE difficulty

in Dynamic Events

Posted by: Typicalsloan.8603


I agree. Trivializing events to the point of boredom because you have more than 5 people doing it is the biggest problem with the game right now. I don’t see how they couldn’t have seen this coming.

Suggestion for DE difficulty

in Dynamic Events

Posted by: frOst.2198


your problem seems to be an underlying problem of the bigger one: DE’s are simply poorly designed at this point (relative to deviating from other MMO quests).

They need to grow into something more complex. I personally believe that a single ‘dynamic’ DE chain should encompass the entire zone and be active at all times (in different areas of the zone)….Thats the way I would have done it, and how I imagined Orr to be.

One DE should dynamically effect the success of another…thus forcing players into different areas and shrinking the overall amount of players in a particular event.