Flame and Frost: Synopsis

Flame and Frost: Synopsis

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To catch everyone up on the story so far, here is a summary of events in the Living Story so far.

Flame and Frost: Prelude

In the far north, dire events have driven Norn and Charr refugees southward, seeking shelter in Hoelbrak and the Black Citadel. These men, women and children are exhausted, starving, wounded, terrified and in shock. Their accounts of what happened are disjointed at best. Furthermore, strange fountains of magical steam erupt around the Shiverpeaks and Ascalon. This steam causes the creation of unstable elementals. Many heroes work to destroy these hostile elementals and plug up the vents.

The Heroes of Tyria work to aid the refugees make their way to safety by putting up roadsigns, fixing campfires, protecting refugees on the road and collecting mementos from those who haven fallen. Camps are set up in Hoelbrak and the Black Citadel, with the Wolfborn Watch and the Adamant Watch (respectively) guarding the encampments.

Knut Whitebear and Rytlock Brimstone send scouts northward to gather intelligence. Norn scouts report that the Dredge may be behind the chaos, while Charr scouts find evidence of the Flame Legion attacking the refugees’ villages.

An anonymous benefactor in Lion’s Arch is said to be aiding the refugees. Further evidence suggests the Dredge and Flame Legion may be conspiring.

Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm

Hoelbrak and the Black Citadel cannot sustain all the refugees that continue to flood southward, and are forced to send many on to Lion’s Arch. The Consortium appears to be the mysterious benefactor, and is now building the refugees new homes on Southsun Cove. Heroes of Tyria help several refugees recover important personal items lost along the roads.

The strange union of Dredge and Flame Legion is given a name by the network of city heralds: The Molten Alliance. This powerful new force steps forth from the shadows to make more bold attacks on Norn and Charr territories. Many heroes rush forth to battle the Molten Alliance wherever they appear.

Flame and Frost: The Razing

The Molten Alliance continues to rampage throughout the Shiverpeaks and Ascalon. Rytlock Brimstone plans for counteroffensives, but is interrupted by the arrival of a young Norn named Braham, who requests the Charr Legions come and save his village of Cragstead. Rytlock must refuse, as his claws are full dealing with his own peoples’ troubles. Braham reveals he is Eir Stegalkin’s son, but Rytlock angrily dismisses the claim, believing Eir never had offspring. Braham glumly departs for Holebrak.

An aspiring Charr Ranger named Rox is given a mission by Rytlock, as a test to prove she is worthy of joining his warband. With some aid, Rox is able to clear the Molten Alliance out of a devourer hatchery in Diessa Plateau. However, many of the hatchery’s workers were abducted, and Rox (with a lovestruck baby devourer following her) heads off alone to track them.

Meanwhile, in Holebrak, Braham confronts Knut Whitebear and his mother, who confirms their blood relation. Sadly, Whitebear has no Wolfborn to spare. Braham receives some unexpected help, however, and goes to save his village. He and his allies manage to fight off the Molten Alliance, but Braham learns that several villagers, including a young lady he is rather fond of, have been abducted. Frustrated, Braham sees to the needs of the surviving villagers before he intend to go off to find Ottilia and her family.

Throughout Norn and Charr territories, strange devices have been appearing. These Sonic Periscopes erupt from the ground and spy on nearby enemy forces. Many heroes make it a task to hunt down and destroy these devices to gather the audio logs inside on behalf of the Vigil, which is actively collecting them.

The Order of Whispers is also busy. They have an undercover anget in the Molten Alliance, and calls on various heroes to help gather intelligence from dead drop locations.

This information reveals the Molten Alliance is still rather uneasy, with the Dredge and Charr not trusting one another, and the Charr in particular being uncomfortable deep underground. The spy believes something pushed these forces together, but it wasn’t Primordius. They find the combination of Flame Legion magic and Dredge technology terrifying, and notes the odd amounts of prisoners the Alliance is taking in. Some are used for weapons testing. The spy works to sabotage what he can.

Vhaewyn – Level 80 Sylvari Ranger
Dakka Warforge- Level 80 Charr Engineer
Xairro – Level 80 Asura Revenant

Flame and Frost: Synopsis

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