LS Missions Both Good and Bad

LS Missions Both Good and Bad

in Flame and Frost

Posted by: zallis.2138


The first two installments of Flame and Frost were kinda bad. They were teaser content used to test out the living story system, so it is forgiven by me. The third installment introduced missions that made the living story seem to have more of a point. It made you seem like you were actually doing something.

The Good: As stated before, the missions made you feel like you were doing something important, unlike how you felt fixing signs. These missions worked great alongside the other optional things you can do like the dead drops. The storytelling in the missions was so much better than the personal story. The cutscene method is much better than the dialogue screen used in the living story. Seeing people talk while doing actions worked a lot better than seeing people standing in one place doing nothing and talking. It made you care more

The Bad: There were a total of two missions where you could actually kill stuff. I liked the dialogue missions leading up to that because it got me to know the story. They are obviously needed or else the story would be lacking. The amount of missions is small, but each one was SO long. Both Rox’s and Braham’s missions had you doing the same thing (clearing an area, capturing a point, doing it again, killing boss), and the kind of mission i just described is kind of tedious to me. I think it is just because i hate the capturing of points. I think if that goal was taken out completely, it would be better. but that is just my opinion. anyways. Both missions had you do the exact same thing. The other bad thing is that i had a hard time finding where i should go next. I didn’t even know that I had completed the first dialogue mission because unlike the personal story, there was nothing telling you what to do next.

What do you all think of the missions?

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