Missing Periscopes

Missing Periscopes

in Flame and Frost

Posted by: Anwar.2018


yesturday came across one periscope that wasn’t there….was in correct area, got the red circle…but no periscope and no wreakage of one.

Today I’ve visited the areas for 3 periscopes so far and same thing as yesterday for 2 of them.

I hate these kitten periscopes and wish I had never started doing thm..but did the first 50 thinking 50 was all needed, then it said I needed 100, then150 and have done nothing fun since…just looked for periscopes for days, often coming across some guarded by waaaay too tough mobs that killed me repeatedly.

This game is no longer fun…it’s a long grinding chore in a world that doesn’t always work with too much “challenge” in spurts at odd places for no reason…. and waaay too hard to get money for people that started the game late, definitly not friendly to new players.

(Ok now all you fanbois tell me how you love having periscopes disappear and that I can always do something else for monthly….how you love have too powerful guardians at some of them to kill you so you can’t solo this….I’m sure a couple of you love being knocked down by them too.)

Rant over…I feel better now, I’ll go play a RTS game…those are always fun, always work, and with no luck involved.

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