[GW1] Augur of Kormir still missing

[GW1] Augur of Kormir still missing

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I know this is GW1 related sorry, but I don’t know where else to ask this. Maybe Gaile Gray can see this and pass it to the right person ?

So, this summer I played GW1 a bit, and wanted to buy a costume (Augur of Kormir) from the online store. But unfortunately some of them weren’t available at the time, namely: Kormir, Lyssa, Ravenheart, Vale, Shining Blade and White Mantle. I asked on reddit if this was normal, then contacted support. Their answer was that some costumes were “limited time items”. The wiki doesn’t say anything about this, nor the players i’ve talked to, so I think it’s more of a oversight from the store transition in June (from ingame to webstore).

But now, as you can see here: http://store.guildwars.com all the missing costumes are back, except for Augur of Kormir… Why ?

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