Missing/Broken BB-Code/Textile/CSS

Missing/Broken BB-Code/Textile/CSS

in Forum and Website Bugs

Posted by: Tiscan.8345


(( This is a translated version of a posting I wrote some time ago on the german forum ))

One of the things that are really annoying about this forum-software are all the broken Textile- and BB-Codes. And I’m really wondering if everybody ever tested this stuff.

Its really disappointing as it makes stuff like creating nice looking guides pretty much impossible or unnecessaryly difficult.

Lets start with some BB-Codes that should work according to the Forum-FAQ:

[sub]subscript text doesn’t work[/sub]

[sup]superscript doesn’t work[/sup]

images don’t work anywhere: [img]https://d2bdvqr0jmx8mi.cloudfront.net/assets/mail_icon-b68bc917946751406ebc889f00446e43.png[/img]

pre doesn't    /__\
work           |  |
at all         |__|

One thing that should work (even though it isn’t mentioned anywhere) are YouTube videos. All you got to do is writing the link (and ONLY the link) in a line.

Unfortunatly, this doesn’t work:

The reson for this is pretty simple… the link above is a HTTP-link but the forum is running on a HTTPS server… but even if you change the http to https, the forum does this:

(if you quote this post, you’ll see, that the link is actually a https link but the forum modifies it to http – braking it)

If the forum wouldn’t do this, at least embedding youtube-videos would work.

Another “totally useful” feature is the replacement of multiple line breaks with a single one:

Text followed by 5 linebreaks…

…but as you can see, they get replaced by a single line break …pretty annoying if you want to emphasize something by adding some line breaks before and after it

Another funny thing is: a lot of stuff actually “kinda” works… at least the forum parses the codes correctly… but the Stylesheet of the forum is missing proper formatting for the resulting html-code:

Some “special” formattings:

Code for example

or pre


name age sex
joan 24 f
archie 29 m
bella 45 f


Header 1

Header 2

Header 3

Header 4

Header 5
Header 6

Definition Lists:

Ascalonian Catacombs
Edge of the Mists
Caudecus Manor

It would be really nice if the forum would get (at LEAST) an update to its CSS-file to support those formattings…

Just for fun i injected the default Bootstrap CSS into the site (and i didn’t change a single line of HTML!) – check out the attached image for the result.


Missing/Broken BB-Code/Textile/CSS

in Forum and Website Bugs

Posted by: shadow.6174


Yeah I have noted it too. Once I tried to use [sup]superscript[/sup] but it failed. Once I tried to use

pre and it failed too

It would be nice if we really had all options mentioned in the FAQ.

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