Wrong info on support page

Wrong info on support page

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Posted by: Hesperon.9687


Hi, i just want to report that you have some wrong/misleading info on your support page:
here is the page: https://help.guildwars2.com/entries/27626227-Character-Name-Changes

After a character name is changed with the Name Change Contract, the previous name remains tied to your account for 24 hours. So if you change a character name, you may use the former name for a new character on the same account within 24 hours. Alternately, you may use two separate Name Change Contracts to swap names between two characters on your account, as long as you do that within 24 hours.

seems like this is not true, you actually need 3 contracts to do so

i’ve been told by your Support Team to open a topic on the forum to report, so here it is