A moment of silence for the temp content

A moment of silence for the temp content

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Posted by: Mad Queen Malafide.7512

Mad Queen Malafide.7512

Goodbye sweet Tower of Nightmares, Molten Facility and Aetherblade Retreat. While the latter two have been cut up and reappeared in some form in Fractals, we’ll never see these full dungeons ever again in their original form.

I would have been fine with the Tower of Nightmares being a permanent addition (as long as they do remove the toxic alliance mobs in surroundings zones). But the story demanded that the tower would fall, and so once again this content is gone forever.

To the developers who worked so hard at these areas, you have my sympathies. I’m sure some of you would have loved for more players to enjoy these dungeons long after their release. It is a shame that so much great content is constantly being moved to the trashcan.

I urge the producers to reevaluate the direction they’ve been taking the game. Players like permanent content, not a temporary content. I’m starting to feel close to burned out by all the achievements I have to grind every few weeks. I feel like I’m constantly in a hurry to experience all the new content before it goes away forever.

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A moment of silence for the temp content

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Posted by: Belzebu.3912


I’m pretty sure that the tower may come back as fractal later with small tweaks.
The whole purpose of the Living Story is the temporary nature of the events, the consequences are permanent but the event can’t be.

Like the Karka invasion, the Southsun is a permanent place with many people/NPC there, but the invasion itself was a one time thing, the Nightmare Tower was an event and we as player had to put an end to it, but the landscape will be permanently changed.

Believe, if it was permanent it would soon be ignored, just like the Scarlet invasions across the maps.

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A moment of silence for the temp content

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Posted by: Curo.2483


I’m perfectly fine with, and actually encourage having, active changes to the world like with the tower. The tower itself was nothing spectacular, but it was something to do, it gave us a decent challenge, and will now have a lasting impact on the world. And of course it will be back as a fractal one day. So really, we are getting the best of both worlds.

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A moment of silence for the temp content

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Posted by: eekzie.5640


I personally hated the tower and it’s design.

So I’m glad it’s gone.