Holy Royal Arch [HRA] - LFM Members

Holy Royal Arch [HRA] - LFM Members

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Holy Royal Arch
Holy Royal Arch is a guild of 50 active players based in Ruins of Surmia (EU Server). We have a very friendly community who are surprisingly very close and will gladly help others. New members find it easy to fit in and impressed with the help we have given them. Trolling is not permitted; jokes and laughs are. We do not have a age limit but we trust you will be sensable and act with reason.

Extra Information
Our guild has a history
Website: http://hra.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=467781&TabID=4036438
We have teamspeak but we’d rather not have randoms logging on. :P

How to Join

I am the most active officer, contact me through anyway: Forum mail, through GW2 Mail or whisper @Mechrite Snow

Our Guild Logo is below