LF large, active guild on Tarnished Coast

LF large, active guild on Tarnished Coast

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Posted by: Arkenrath.4367


My guild, like many, has dwindled since launch and while we used to be large and active, now there’s rarely more than a handful of people on at a time.

As a player, I enjoy all aspects of the game…PvE, WvW, Crafting, Exploring. I like to RP while playing, but don’t really get involved in RP-specific events. I’m friendly and always seeking to help the needs of the many over the needs of the few.

If you have any more questions, please give me a reply here or in game.


LF large, active guild on Tarnished Coast

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Posted by: takkattak.1974


Hey we aren’t on your server but i hope you give us some consideration anyway.

Jaded [Jade] is a fairly well established casual PvX guild that has been on Darkhaven since launch.

Our leaders have a lot of experience with mmos and have been together for years. We are a family-style guild looking to form long-term friendships through PvE and PvP. We have a forum a Facebook and a vent.

We are looking for people who want to have fun and hang out together. We like to have an active chat and a community of helpful members that are willing to go out of their way for each other.

Even if you aren’t on Darkhaven you can still hang out in guild chat with us, guest with us now and then or run some dungeons cross server until you feel we are worth the transfer :p

Things you can expect from joining Jaded:
-friendly guildies
-dungeon parties
-PvP, both WvW and Structured
-guild missions and events
-new friends
-an abnormal love for Quaggans

Some of our Guild Boosts include:
-10% Magic Find boost at all times
-5% Experience boost at all times
-15% Karma Boost on Saturdays

Jaded is mostly comprised of members between the ages of 18 and 81. We are most active during North American evenings and we have over around 100 active members. check out our calender to see our schedule of weekly events.

Guild Leaders:
Takiya Delyll
Arentide Delyll
Luto Locke

Officers and their roles:
Night Mother – Gwyenevere
- Gwyen is here to help with all of the people still leveling and Jaded’s new members. She will be doing events on tuesday/thursday 6-8 EST for the low level Jaded members
Event Coordinator – Kallist
- Kallist will be running our guild missions on Sat/Sun 8:30 EST and Orr temple night on mondays
Dungeon Leader – Lucien Blackmoon
- Lucien is in charge of our PvE sector he will be setting up dungeon runs, fractals and coordinating with people who need help getting story modes and stuff done. His events are TBD
WvW Field Officer – Kaira Riversong
- Kai is in charge of our new WvWers, she can answer your questions and teach you the inner workings of WvW. She is in charge of our Wednesday night WvW at 9pm EST
WvW Commander – Spidel
- Spidel commands our WvW crew and leads us all on Friday night reset night at 9pm EST.

If we sound like the right home for you, introduce yourself at our forums, contact some of us in-game through whispers and/or the in-game mail system. We’ll get back to you asap to answer any questions you may have.

Hope to see you in game

Takiya Delyll — Mesmer
Jaded [JADE] co-leader

LF large, active guild on Tarnished Coast

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Posted by: TooBz.3065


Check out transcendent veneration. It’s a large active guild with almost maximum membership (close to 500) on TC.


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