LF relaxed PvE guild on Underworld

LF relaxed PvE guild on Underworld

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Posted by: Arkarian.2943


Hi there,

Both a friend of mine and myself have recently hit level 80 with our first two characters – a ranger and a guardian. We have almost exclusively levelled up through map exploration, crafting, and the like, and are now looking to get into the dungeon scene. However, we are finding that pugs are rather reluctant to take us (whether this be out of laziness when it comes to explaining the dungeons or fear that even after explanation we will still be useless i do not know) so figured the best way to learn the dungeons would be with a guild!

With that said we are looking for an easy going guild (on the ‘Underworld’ server) that has some experience with dungeons and would be willing to help us through our first runs. We both come from a background of playing other MMOs (such as WoW) and have both (successfully) partaken in dungeon and raid runs in such games on a regular basis (so we aren’t completely useless!).

So, if you think you know of a guild that fits our criteria, please give me a buzz!


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LF relaxed PvE guild on Underworld

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Posted by: sambombe.8603


Hi there Ark,

We are a small/friendly/casual guild from Tarnished Coast [TAV], and we can help you in whatever you need.

We usually use our guild to run events and help people through out the servers and everywhere, from missions to dungeons, to maps, etc.

We have many alliances with other guilds to do that.

If you want to join us or just play with us, just add me and we talk ingame.


LF relaxed PvE guild on Underworld

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Posted by: diakin.3502


Hello Arkarian,
I’m from We R In Style (Underworld), it is a small laid back guild, we have events planned out by the guild leader, which are fun to attend, the guildies are warm and helpful, most of use do PvE, but we also do WvW and PvP as a guild.
Feel free to join us on Raid call
We also have our forums : http://werinstyle.shivtr.com/
If you want to join P.M. me or the guild leader Xena Love/Luna Loves ( let her know Insanenoob send you )
I hope to see you in game