Looking for a casual guild - Ring of Fire

Looking for a casual guild - Ring of Fire

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Posted by: Serafina.2681


Hi there!
I’ve been playing GW2 from the beginning with a hellatus pause (4-6 months) in between, due to school (and life). I was in a guild, but after the above mentioned break it became unactive. So now, I’m guildless. But I don’t want to be. Here’s what you should know:

  • I’m on Ring of Fire server (if necessary, would change servers)
  • I conside myself a partial noob or almost-not-noob
  • I have 5 characters, my main is currently lvl 45 Human Thief
  • I’m a teenage girl (don’t turn your eyes), therefor I go to school, therefor I have certain responsibilities, therefor I can’t always be online and may not show up for days (perhaps even a week)
  • I am interested in PvE, leveling, exploring, doing events, missions, living story – the casual stuff. However, I am willing to adapt, if you are. I’m also a pretty fast learner.
  • I can be a social person, if you want me to or I can stay quiet if you don’t want me to talk. I like helping people and talking to them, so long as they are respective. I like to joke and I use sarcasm A LOT.
  • I am from Europe, Slovenia. I speak English, Slovene and Serbo-Croatian. I’d say my English is pretty advanced for a 15-year old, though I’m not keen on grammar.

Normally, I wouldn’t post a topic, but I have some trouble finding the “right” life guild for me. When I do find a nice friendly looking guild, they usually accept only adults. Which kinda sucks, but I know they do it for a reason- who’d want a raging hormone influenced teenager on their team? As far as maturity goes… I’m as mature as a teenager can be. Make what you want of it.

If you know of a guild that meets my criteria, please message me, post in this topic or contact me in-game. My character is Neofema Numenor.


—Be stubborn about your goals, but flexible about your methods.—

Looking for a casual guild - Ring of Fire

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Posted by: sambombe.8603


Hi there Riack,

We are a small/friendly/casual guild from Tarnished Coast [TAV], and we can help you in whatever you need.

We usually use our guild to run events and help people through out the servers and everywhere, from missions to dungeons, to maps, etc.

We have many alliances with other guilds to do that.

If you want to join us or just play with us, just add me and we talk ingame.


Our site, if you want to know more: tavola.enjin.com