Not 100% rep

Not 100% rep

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Posted by: overlord.7283


Risen Insanity is a brand new guild that need your help to become bigger.
we are a Pvp,Pve, and WvW based guild. we are currently really small at the moment but trying to get bigger we offer:

  • a great fun guild that will always be around to help out no matter what it is.
  • * we do not require 100% rep*
    * we invite all members, no discrimination of level achievement points, FOTM level or any of that ALL ARE WELCOME
  • Guild zerg happens 2-3 times a week, helping out map completion, possibly story quests and other achievements as well
    my name is KauKiDa in game or message me on here to get an invite we reall need all the help we can get
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